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Thanks for checking out my paper piecing tutorial videos and other quilting tutorials that I’ve made. I love sharing my methods and techniques. Here you’ll find a plethora of sewing, quilting, and (mostly) paper piecing tutorials.

Grab some chocolate, a soda, and sit back and relax your way into your next spectacular quilting project.

Here are the tutorials you’ll find below:

Here are more tutorials:

Improv & Curved Piecing

My first video tutorial. It’s a bit ghetto, but people like it. Improv piecing and sewing curves is WAY easier than you may of thought. Give it a try! I think you’ll be surprised. Be sure to share what you make!

Simple Sashing Assembly Tips

In this video I use my Simple Sashing pattern used with my Rise Above Base pattern to show you some important tips and speedy methods you can apply to any pattern where you sew a lot of blocks together to create rows that you then sew together.

Quick Introduction to Cutting Templates

Cutting templates are my FAVORITE tool when paper piecing. Here’s a quick intro to wet your whistle.

Ready for more??? Here’s a very thorough tutorial for using cutting templates including all my tips and tricks.

This video is part of a series that I created for the Zodiac BOM series.

Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial

My passion is paper piecing. Here’s a whole bunch of different paper piecing tutorial videos, some specific to certain patterns, though most include information that can be applied to any pattern. Enjoy!

The following videos use my Celestial Star pattern and were created as part of the Celestial Star Quilt Along.

After you piece your sections, the next step is to trim them. watch below to see how I do it.

Now it’s time to join the sections. Here’s how I do it.

Paper Piecing Alphabet Letters

Paper Piecing + Letters = Awesome-sauce projects!!

Alphabet patterns have always been a huge hit and pattern favorite! Adding names, favorite quotes, inside jokes, words, and letters to any number of projects is a great way to personalize what you make.

I currently have 2 alphabet patterns, My First Alphabet and My ABC’s, and more coming in 2018.

Here are some paper piecing tutorial videos that walk you through piecing the letters L, O, and V from the My ABC’s pattern. You can find these letters in the free paper piecing LOVE pattern to help you get started. (They are in order of difficulty.) These techniques can be applied to any letter and any pattern.

FYI, they don’t have any sound.

Piecing the Letter L
Piecing the Letter V
Piecing the Letter O