Teaching Events

Below you’ll find my current class and lectures along with a short description of each.
Fees are found at the bottom of the page.

Current Lectures & Workshops:

The Creative Power of Quilting, Lecture

We all have different ties to quilting – what got us started, what keeps us here, and what part of the process we love and hate the most. But no matter the differences between us and our reasons to quilt, we can all connect on one thing: Creativity! We are all creative beings with a need to create and have found a common thread in quilting.

If we define creativity as what inspires and excites us, then there is no limit as to where we can apply our creative powers. When we find our own unique style and connect to our own creativity, we will not only begin to make our most beautiful work, but we will find greater joy in the process! Join me as I share my own creative journey and show you how to begin yours.

In this lecture I will share an overview of my creative journey and how I found my creative style. Then I will open the doors of creative possibilities with you as I uncover many ways in which you can connect to your own creativity through your quilting projects, giving you ideas in each of the different quilt processes (planning and designing, picking fabrics, making, quilting, binding, etc) so you can focus on the step(s) that you enjoy the most. You’ll leave inspired and ready to make something uniquely you!

Lecture set up at the Quilting on the Red quilt show, October 2017
(The response to this lecture was overwhelmingly positive!)

Foundation Paper Piecing, Demo

Are you scared to try paper piecing? Does the process look too intimidating? Or maybe you have tried it but found it “wasn’t your thing”! It took too long, wasted too much fabric, or it was too difficult to get everything in the right place? Maybe you’ve tried it and you like it, but you’re wondering if there is a better method out there?!

These are just a few of the common complaints that I hear about the foundation paper piecing process. In my demo I share with you my method for paper piecing, including how using cutting templates minimizes fabric waste and increases accuracy and efficiency, and how they create the perfect window for fussy cutting; how glue basting aids in accuracy and makes it possible to “chain piece” paper piecing – speeding up the process tremendously. Along with all my other tips and tricks to make the process more enjoyable and leads to perfect results every time!

No supplies are needed as this is a demo only. Just bring yourself, and perhaps a pen and paper to take notes – so you remember all the techniques you want to try at home!

I use my Simple Celestial pattern for the demo. You can see what others have made with this pattern by scrolling down on this page: https://fromblankpagespatterns.com/product/simple-celestial. Scroll through the images from side-to-side to see more projects.

Locked in Spots, Class

In this class we use the Locked in Spots pattern to learn my paper piecing techniques, including using cutting templates, fussy cutting, glue basting and chain paper piecing.

We also discuss color theory and play with value and color to explore the different design possibilities of how we can make drastic variations of this simple block.

Students will need to bring their own machines, and already be familiar with how to use them, as well as have a basic understanding of quilting. I will teach my complete process of foundation paper piecing, including using cutting templates to cut out fabric, all the way to finishing a quilt block.

This class is great for those new to paper piecing, and experienced paper piecers will learn new techniques to help make the process easier and more efficient.

This is a 3 hour class, with a minimum of 4 students, and a max of 20.
Students must purchase the Locked in Spots pattern in addition to the class fees.

Class Fees: $25 per student, plus the Locked in Spots pattern.

I will provide a supply list upon setting up the class, and will bring optional supplies for purchase (including glue sticks and glue tips).
Please bring a light table or light source if you have one.

Foundation Paper Piecing, Workshop

This class is the same as the Foundation Paper Piecing Demo using the Simple Celestial pattern, except now we get to do it together!

Students will need to bring their own machines, and already be familiar with how to use them, as well as have a basic understanding of quilting. I will teach my complete process of foundation paper piecing, including using cutting templates to cut out fabric, all the way to finishing a quilt block.

There are two class options:

Simple Celestial by Diane Bohn, @fromblankpages
Half day (3 hours):

Students must come prepared with all preparations already made (pattern templates cut out, blocked planned, fabric cut, etc. Basically everything ready to start paper piecing). Prior to the class students will receive basic info on cutting fabric and will need to have their fabric cut prior to class to allow time for actual paper piecing.

The class will focus on my paper piecing techniques, including glue basting and chain piecing! I will teach using my methods and students must come prepared having followed my instructions for cutting fabric. I will not have time to help students make adjustments to techniques if the proper preparations have not been taken. Even if the cutting methods are not fully understood, I will explain the why during class and as we paper piece it will all make sense!

Full day (6 hours):

Students will need to come prepared with pattern and cutting templates already cut out, block planned, and fabric options picked out. Do not cut out fabrics prior to the class.

The longer class will include what is covered in the half day class, but we start by also covering a bit of color theory and how value and color placement play a role in the overall finished design. We also learn cutting out fabric with the cutting templates, as well as tips for fussy cutting and enhancing your finished block by what fabrics you use and how you cut them out. As well as tips on how to speed up the cutting process.

Cutting out your fabric may not seem like it has anything to do with paper piecing, but proper preparation makes a world of a difference when it comes to the actual piecing process.  It can also have an incredible affect on the finished quilt block or project.

The full day workshop brings in fun creative energy as we explore design options and watch as our creativity unfolds in our finished blocks.


I am also free to do Trunk Shows and teach classes. Please contact me if you are interested in having me come to your event.

How is a Trunk Show different than a lecture?
In the trunk show I share my quilts and discuss the design process behind creating them the way I did. In the trunk show I talk all about what I do and why. In my lecture, The Creative Power of Quilting, I share my quilts as well as what others have made with my patterns with a focus on inspiring you with new ways to add creativity to your projects.

Instructor Fees:

Travel expenses are not included in prices below.

  • Lecture/Trunk Show: $250 (60-90 min, includes slides, quilts, Q&A, and pattern sales)
  • Demo: $250 (2-3 hours)
  • Workshops: (min of 5 students, max of 20 students)
    • Half day (3 hours) $300
    • Full day (6 hours) $550

You can find my current schedule HERE.

For events further than 3 hours away, a combination of a lecture/trunk show and workshop/class is required.

Please contact me for further information and to discuss the details in greater depth. Rates may vary depending on travel and time commitments involved.