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Friday Oct 25th

May 20 – Sept

May 13th-19th

Speaking, Introduction to From Blank Pages patterns and The Creative Power of Quilting, MQA Fall Gathering (Hattiesburg, MS)

Home Lovin QAL


Thursday Sept 27th

April 30th – May 6th

Locked in Spots Paper Piecing, class, Quilters Eden Quilt Shop (East Grand Forks, ND), 6-9 pm


Saturday Oct 21st

Saturday Nov 4th

Lecture, Quilting on the Red Quilt Show (Grand Forks, ND), 11:00 am

Paper Piecing Demo, North Star Quilt Guild (Grand Forks, ND) 1:15 pm

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From Blank Pages Swap Recap

And that’s a wrap… We’re actually still waiting for about 3 more packages to arrive safely to their home, but other than that, the swap is done. I had never hosted a swap before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be an AWESOME experience and SO much fun!! I was blown away by everyone’s creativity, as well as their kindness and involvement. The Facebook Group was buzzing and it was so much fun to watch everyone create their projects for their partner. A lot of people also commented with how much fun they had and that they can’t wait for the next one. That warms my heart and I’m SO happy everyone (hopefully everyone) had such a great time! Checkout the Amazing Projects!! We chose to go with either a mini quilt or a pillow as the projects to make. And I’m REALLY excited to share with you the finished projects! Click on the headings below to see the different groups based on the patterns each person used, or click ALL to see all of the projects together. If you hover the images it’ll show you the pattern name and the maker. All Alphabets Celestial Geese Stars More My First Alphabet by Jenny Kadri 80’s Geese by Tammy Wingertzahn 70’s Geese by Zsofia Molgaard 70’s Geese by Amy Salamone Candy Wrappers by Karen Adair Simple Celestial by Stephanie Peterson 2 Stars Squared by Laurie Fujimoto Dusk by Deb Contreras Dusk by Mandi Broderick Simple Celestial

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Moving Sale!!

I have sooo much to catch up on! But things have literally been soooo busy around here the last 3 months. It’s been non-stop packing, painting, finishing up house updates, lots and lots of cleaning as we’ve prepared for showing after showing and a photo shoot to try to sell our house. On top of spending lots of awesome time with my sweet kiddos and puppy. I’m exhausted! Luckily we finally did find a buyer and we close next month! But now it’s pack pack pack and I hope I can finish in time. As well as find a place to live before we leave. (please send prayers and cross your fingers and halten die damen (that’s a German version of cross your fingers) for me!! I need everything I can get!) 😀   It’s a good excuse for a sale! I don’t know that you ever need an excuse to have a sale, but I figured of all the times, this is a GREAT time to have a sale. And a big one at that!! For a limited time, you can get all my PDF patterns for 30% OFF!   Wahoo!! This is especially fun as we just finished up the From Blank Pages swap, because I don’t know about you, but I’m super inspired and I want to make all the projects now! You can find all the PDF patterns HERE!   SHOP NOW! And no need to remember the coupon code, you can add it with a

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Nothing’s Allowed Pen Pals, Take 2

Quite a few years ago I started a pen pal group that was a huge hit. Everyone who signed up was placed in moderate sized groups where everyone shared their addresses, and then they sent each other postcards, cards, favorite recipes, and/or letters. The only rule was that nothing else was allowed. The group was meant to be a low cost low stress way to connect with others in simple ways. A way to focus on spreading kindness while meeting new people and focusing on relationships away from social media. It was so awesome to randomly receive mail from people all over the world with kind notes and hello’s. There were even two people that lived close to each other but had never met prior who ended up becoming really good friends! How awesome is that?!! With the current situation and lack of real life connection, I thought it would be awesome to try opening up this group again! I think we could also use a more connection and less social media. Would you like to join?? We’d love you have you! Sign up HERE.

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River Pond QAL: That’s a Wrap!

This post is part of the River Pond Quilt Along. You can find more info and the schedule HERE. You can purchase the River Pond pattern HERE. Saying Hello to the Goodbye I have so many emotions as I begin this post. Life is no where near where I thought it would be when the River Pond QAL started. I think it’s safe to say that NOBODY saw this coming. Even with the interruptions and unexpected twists, the last 4+ months have been so much fun working on this pattern with all of you. Thank you for joining me! As we come to the end, I know that not all of us have been able to finish our quilts to the end (waiting until we can go to the store for backing fabric, or to be able to send them to our local quilter, trying to find time to quilt them ourselves, or whatever the reason), the quilt tops are beautiful! I hope that we can each continue to work on them and find joy in the process. As well as love the finished results for many years to come. Our quilts will be a reminder and a keepsake of the strange times we are living in. I find myself mourning the end of this event, as it means closure to the connection we’ve shared. Having a common purpose and goal as we each worked through the quilting process sharing our progress with each other. But I am also a

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River Pond QAL: Spotlight Your Progress & Finishes

This post is part of the River Pond Quilt Along. You can find more info and the schedule HERE. You can purchase the River Pond pattern HERE. As we close up this quilt along, I am SO thrilled to spotlight the amazing quilts that everyone made! Everyone did a beautiful job, and it was so fun to go through each of the steps together, from picking colors and fabrics, making the blocks, and completing the quilts. I loved watching the different ideas come together and the variety of quilts that emerged from this single pattern. While there was a bit of a bump in the schedule due to COVID-19 (I learned that it’s a LOT harder to get my blogging in with 6 busy kiddos running around.) I am so proud of everyone’s progress and creativity! Thank you everyone who quilted along with me! I hope you had as much fun as I did! Spotlight Your Makes Now for the BEST part of the QAL! Sharing what everyone made! Here’s a lot of the quilts shared in the From Blank Pages Community group on Facebook. (In no particular order.) River Pond by CJ Jolly River Pond by Rose Jarmey River Pond by Rhonda Williams River Pond by Alex Gau River Pond by Tracy Marshall River Pond by Jan S Kaye River Pond by Madalyn Ferrer-Lind River Pond by Laura Anne Suckow Stuff River Pond by Jan Ryan Ziagos Aren’t these all so gorgeous?!! I am so thrilled with everyone’s progress!

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River Pond QAL: Quilt Labels

This post is part of the River Pond Quilt Along. You can find more info and the schedule HERE. While this content is directed toward the River Pond QAL, the same concepts can be applied to any quilt that you are making.You can purchase the River Pond pattern HERE. The Finishing Touch Making a quilt can be quite the process. And if you’re anything like me, once I stitch those last few stitches of the binding on, I’m ready to throw it in the wash and call it done! But there’s that one last step that is oh so important but so easily overlooked. The LABEL!! What’s in a Label?? “Are labels really that important?” “I don’t need a label. I’ll remember that I made this, and so will my kids.” “No one is going to care who made this quilt in 50 years.” “I’ll put a label on later…” So many reasons we don’t label our quilts. And yet, they are what turns a quilt into a story. What ties it to a person, a place, and gives a quilt it’s meaning. so… don’t forget to label your quilt!! Label Options So where do we begin?? There are SO many ways you can label your quilt. I’ll share with you some different ideas, and then show you how I do it. 🙂 One idea is to buy quilt labels that you can sew onto your quilt backs. You can have some custom made with all of your details already

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