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Friday Oct 25th

May 20 – Sept

May 13th-19th

Speaking, Introduction to From Blank Pages patterns and The Creative Power of Quilting, MQA Fall Gathering (Hattiesburg, MS)

Home Lovin QAL


Thursday Sept 27th

April 30th – May 6th

Locked in Spots Paper Piecing, class, Quilters Eden Quilt Shop (East Grand Forks, ND), 6-9 pm


Saturday Oct 21st

Saturday Nov 4th

Lecture, Quilting on the Red Quilt Show (Grand Forks, ND), 11:00 am

Paper Piecing Demo, North Star Quilt Guild (Grand Forks, ND) 1:15 pm

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The Bohn Home, My Other Side Hussle

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen posts in the past about our home updates I’ve been doing. Though I haven’t touched our house in the last 5 months. I took a much needed break after a super intense 5 months of painting half of the inside of the house (kitchen plus all the cabinets, dinning room, huge living room, formal living room, entry way, laundry, 3 bathrooms, and the front of the house – it used to be all white. This includs removing wall paper in some areas), and installing new flooring in all of those same areas. It was a LOT of work but worth it! I LOVE our house, and making it ours – the way we want it has been magical! We bought this house in February – our first house in the 13 years we’ve been married! It’s exciting! I’m not a showy person and I’ve never been one to be all about the glam or nice expensive things. And fixing up this house is so much more than just having a nice house. It’s creating a space we love and feel comfortable in, it’s feels like the reward of all those years of hard work and sacrifice and finally we have a place that is all ours and making it the way WE want it to be has been absolutely rewarding and satisfying! Though we aren’t done yet. The next phase is painting the master bedroom, 3 kids bedrooms, the stairway,

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Projects with Intention

A few months ago I looked over my goals and my project list and was completely overwhelmed!! Oh man! How would I ever accomplish everything I had before me?! Then suddenly, like a superhero sweeping in to save the day, “Never fear! Intention is here!!” “Wait, what??” in·ten·tion/inˈten(t)SH(ə)n/nounnoun: intention; plural noun: intentions1. a thing intended; an aim or plan. The root of: in·ten·tion·al/inˈten(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l/adjectiveadjective: intentionaldone on purpose; deliberate. One talent I have and am basically the expert at is coming into a room and looking around thinking, “hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what should I work on now?!” Not a great talent if you want to take advantage of time. And especially not good when you have many life responsibilities to juggle and more things on your plate than any one person could possibly do alone. But alas, here I am stuck in this conundrum. While I value the development of our talents, I think that this is one talent I would prefer to let wither by the wayside. Planning with Intention I’m not sure if I read this somewhere, or if it was inspired by something else, but either way, I came up with a plan. I’ve noticed in the past when I have just the right amount of things I need to juggle and just the right amount of not-enough-time-to-do-them-in I become insanely productive! While I’m not bumping against any deadlines just yet, I realized that I should take those same balancing tools I use when I am under the stress of looming deadlines, and

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Home Lovin Quilt Top!

Wahoo! I am so excited to have my Home Lovin quilt top complete!! If you follow me on Instagram (@fromblankpages) you’ve probably seen a lot of my blocks as I finished them. I tried to share them all, but I know I missed a few. Yesterday I shared a closeup of each block in my Instagram stories along with the names of each pattern I used. I put it all together into a short video (2:40 min) so you can see it below! I wrote the names in the video if you don’t want to watch it with the sound on. I’ll list the names of the patterns (with links) used here as well starting in the top left and going across. Top Row (Row 1): 80’s GeeseHeart Attack – StarLocked in Spots (4 – 3 inch blocks)Simple CelestialRockstar Row 2: LOVE (Using My ABCs)Future Pattern! FLower Lovin – the first in a series of add-on patterns to the Home Lovin patterns! I’m so excited about these!Winter HollyHeart Attack – Mini GeeseBirthday Cake Mini Row 3: Heart Attack – Log CabinIllusion2Rockstar2 Stars SquaredHeart Attack – Mini Heart Row 4: Crayons from the Crayon Mug RugStar FruitHeart Attack – Mini Star70’s GeeseLocked in Spots (6 inch block) Row 5: Heart Attack – Geesing Around Star GazingStarry Skyline (I called it Starry Night in the video)Heart Attack – GeometricSweet Dreams You can find ALL of these patterns HERE. Thanksgiving Sale!! I want to let you know really quickly about the

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Happy Thanksgiving & a Grateful Heart

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the States. Over the past few years something about being a mother and spending the day preparing our “feast” has turned this holiday into a very personal and special one for me. Some years have been better than others, in regards to cooking the turkey – and there has definitely been a learning curve in that. But I wouldn’t trade this day for the world. This is the first year that I put up our Thankful Tree – something I’ve wanted to do for a few years but never got around to. It was fun to think with the kids about the things we are grateful for and seeing what things are important to them. Seeing our tree every day helped me be conscious of all the things I am grateful for, even if I didn’t write them all down and add them to the tree. As I have focused on a grateful heart, I noticed a number of times where I would look around and the simple things of life seemed to shine with an added luster of beauty. It wasn’t anything big – a lot of times it was the way the sunlight came in the kitchen windows across the curtains and hit the floor, or how our lawn looked after clearing off all the fallen leaves, or watching my kids interact as they played on the trampoline. I have noticed the beauty in those things before, which seems obvious now that I

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chain piecing paper piecing

Sewing Away… & Thanksgiving Sale!!

I finally finished up all 25 of my Home Lovin blocks and started assembling the quilt top! I’m SO excited and so happy with how it turned out! I shared lots of pictures on Instagram if you want to check them out… otherwise I will be sharing here on the blog soon. Though now that the bulk of that project is done I did end up putting it aside to tackle 3 of the quilts I had previously cut out and have had sitting patiently near my sewing machine. Today was one of those days where I basically took the day off from life and glue basted and sewed the day away! It was fantastic! I woke up super early this morning (as in ~5am early), and instead of my usual stay-in-bed-for-a-couple-more-hours-convincing-myself-that-I’m-still-resting routine, I decided to get up and get started! This is where I was at by about 8 am… a stack of about 200 blocks glue basted and ready to sew, and the stack in the bottom front that I finished glue basting during the course of the day. I did get most of it sewn today. It seems slow going, but the blocks are very simple with only 6 sections at the most, so once I’m done it’s done! I love chain-piecing my paper piecing! It took a few years to get over the tediousness of it, but now it’s the only way I feel like I can get things done is to just push through it!

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Back to Blogging

A few years ago, I don’t even remember exactly when it was, I participated in attempted to participate in this 31 Day Blogging Challenge that Cheryl of puts on every year. The goal is to blog every day during the month of December. Which I think, “WHY DECEMBER?!!!” and Cheryl responds, “Because if you can blog every day in December, you can blog any time!!” Which is really genius if you think about it. Cheryl suggests using this “I’m going to blog everyday in December” post as the first post of December, but here I am posting it now. I’ve been thinking a LOT about my goals and ideas for 2020 and today I finally started writing things down and making lists. Redifing Purpose One overarching goal of mine is to do everything with purpose and intention. (hmmm… possible words for my word of 2020??!) In the past I’ve mostly done everything on a whim, not really having a plan, just doing what I want. For not feeling very organized, I’m pretty happy with how my business has grown. Though I will be the first to admit that there are definitely areas which could use some improvement. On one side of life, I’m focused on my family and my children and all that entails. I love my family, and homeschooling this year has been more amazing than I ever could have expected! But on the other side, I really really want to see what I can really do with

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