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Announcing River Pond Quilt Along Jan 6 to April 17, 2020

Announcing the River Pond Quilt Along!

After I updated the River Pond pattern recently, I had a few requests for a quilt along with this pattern. So I put the idea out there to see just how much interest there really is, and the verdict is… We’re having a Quilt Along!! Wahoo!

A little about the River Pond pattern

I like to talk about my patterns like they are my children… because they often feel the same when I consider the time and investment I put into them. lol.

River Pond was first published through Stashbuilder Box in Oct of 2016.

I entered my River Pond quilt into the Quilting on the Red quilt show in Grand Forks, ND in 2017 and won 1st place in the modern quilt category! Wahoo! That was exciting.

I submitted the to QuiltCon in the same year but it was rejected. #quiltconreject but plenty of people said it should have been accepted, so I’ll listen to their opinion and not be bothered. haha.

I love my quilt but when I was using it one day I wished it were longer and as I looked over the pattern I saw room for improvement and ended up reworking the entire pattern! And that snowballs us to where we are right now.

Announcing River Pond Quilt Along Jan 6 to April 17, 2020

The Schedule

I’ll post a more detailed schedule once the QAL starts, but until then, here’s the basic outline so you can decide if this will work in your schedule.

Jan 6, 2020 – Quilt Along Begins!

The first 3 weeks will be planning and prep with tips and ideas to help you plan your colors and design, how to adjust the cutting instructions if you want to vary from the pattern, and we’ll cut the fabric.

Jan 27 – the end of February we’ll make all the blocks for the quilt This is actually a pretty quick quilt to assemble, so if you are able to carve out a few blocks of time, you’ll be done in no time!

In March we will assemble the quilt, discus quilting ideas, and start quilting our quilts.

In April we will bind our quilts, give some time for catch-up and start sharing our finished quilts, and I’ll share some of your finishes here on my blog!

The QAL will end on April 17th!


Things to Note:

I have updated the pattern, so if you’ve already purchased it be sure to grab an updated copy! Read how to do that HERE. If you received it from the Stashbuilder Box when it was very first released, follow the same instructions as in the link above, and then also send me a photo with you and the original pattern so I can verify that you do indeed own the pattern (I can’t have everyone telling me they have it when they don’t… silly quilters. mwah!)

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE with your friends. I know quilting costs can add up, and I will tell you a secret – I will be having a sale on the pattern before the QAL begins, so be sure to watch here on my blog or in my newsletter so you don’t miss it! (because I’m not telling you when that will be, yet!) But sharing patterns isn’t nice, it’s dishonest, and it’s against my pattern policy, as well as against virtually every pattern designer’s policy out there! (Sometimes that’s a hard concept to understand, which is fine, but please be open to it!) We count on everyone purchasing their own copy so we can afford to keep doing what we’re doing. So please, be respectful, and if someone else offers to share with you, let them know that you’d rather support the designer than get a cheap freebie. Thanks and Love Ya!!

River Pond is now 25% OFF

No coupon needed. Sale ends Jan 2nd.

Where will it be???

All the posts and info for the QAL will be HERE on my blog.

Feel free to share ALL of your progress on social media using #fbpRiverPond (don’t forget to put the “FBP” at the beginning so we can all find your beautiful quilts!)

I will post progress shots and some updates on Instagram, but that can be a hard place to get the word out, so I’m not going to depend too heavily on it as THE WAY to share the news. You can turn on notifications though, so you are notified every time I do post so you don’t miss anything! Don’t worry, I am not typically a heavy poster, so you won’t get bombarded with notifications if you choose to do that.

Please join the From Blank Pages Community group on Facebook if you are on Facebook! It’s a great place to share your progress posts, get feedback, and interact with others and make loads of new quilting friends! I’ll share about the same there as on Instagram, except with a lot more communication and back and forth due to the nature of a group vs. an IG post.

The Creative Lounge Newsletter! The one place you are in total control of receiving all the info! Open the email, don’t open it, it’s all up to you but you’ll always know that the info is there if you want it! πŸ˜€ I’ll post all important dates, updates, info, exclusive (as in email readers are the only ones to know) sales, and more. My email inbox is overflowing, so I understand that problem! And I will always make sure to keep it short and only share the most important stuff and direct you to the rest of it!

And the verdict is...

Are you in??? Will you join us??

I hope so! It’s going to be a lot of fun, and you’ll get to make a beautiful quilt to start you off on the right foot for the new year! Comment below and let me know if you’re joining us!

Thanks! I can’t wait to hang out with you over the next few months!

love Diane

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  1. Janny Santos

    Yes to the quilt along

    1. I’m keen to join in the quilt-along

    2. Yay! I’m so glad you’re planning on joining in!! πŸ™‚

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