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Pattern Update: River Pond – Get your Update!

Updates include:

  • The size of the finished quilt is longer, but included the instructions if you want to keep it the same length as the original (it was just too short for what I like).
  • Revised cutting dimensions, which now lend to easier and more accurate piecing of the quilt top.
  • The block assembly and quilt construction is the same.

How To Get the Updated Pattern:

If you purchased the pattern on my website (after fall 2017) you can simply login to your account and download the updated pattern.

If you purchased the pattern prior to that time, or on a different platform like Etsy, please go to my website and create a new account and then shoot me an email with the following info:

  • Platform you used to purchase the pattern (like website, Etsy, or Craftsy
  • Name and email used to purchase the pattern
  • Name and email used for your account on my current website.

If you purchased a printed version of the pattern prior to December, please create an account on my website, if you don’t already have one, and shoot me an email with your order number and account email and I will provide you with a PDF version of the pattern. I am only providing this service at this time because it is a major update of the pattern. PDF versions of patterns are not supplied when printed copies are purchased, as they are two different products, and must be purchased separately.

If you received the pattern through Stashbuilder Box, please do the above steps and include a picture of the pattern in your possession so I know that you do indeed have the pattern.

Don’t have the pattern yet?? You can purchase the updated printed and PDF patterns of River Pond.

NOTE: I do require that you create an account so I can add the pattern to your account. This will give you lifetime access to your patterns and any future updates.

Unfortunately I do not have the time or resources to spend all my time sending out pattern updates. This will save us both time now and in the future. In the future because if there are any other updates, minor or major, you won’t have to contact me and wait for me and I won’t have to keep sending everyone patterns.

I also prefer to not send patterns through email in an effort to cut down on pattern sharing, which is a violation of copyright. This protects my work and helps keep everyone honest. Thank you for understanding!

After you do the above...

After you contact me witth the info above, I will create a new order for you with the pattern. You’ll then be able to login and download the pattern at anytime, and will always acess to the most up-to-date version.

Would you like ALL of your patterns added to your account???

You can purchase a Past Purchase Access and for a small one-time fee I will add all your patterns to your account. Get all the benefits of having all of your From Blank Pages patterns in one place, with lifetime access to the most up-to-date version of them. The small fee helps cover my cost of time in finding your purchases and adding them to your account.

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  1. Jennifer Tomasa

    Please send me the new version of the River Pond. Purchased on Etsy β€”8/17β€”old version. Thank you!

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