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Past Purchase Access!!!

Past Purchase Access!!!


Tired of trying to figure out which patterns you’ve already purchased and which ones you still need? Are you patterns spread out across multiple platforms? Did your computer crash and you lost everything? If so, then this is for you!! Think of it as a warranty for your digital files!

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Have you purchased From Blank Pages patterns in the past? Perhaps from different sites such as Etsy, Craftsy, and the old From Blank Pages shop (which is any purchase made at fromblankpagespatterns.com prior to 9/20/17)? Does it make it hard to keep track of which patterns you’ve purchased and which patterns you still need to get? Or perhaps your computer crashed and you lost all the patterns you were safely saving on your computer? I’ve got just the thing for you!

For a small price (less thanΒ  what you probably paid for your patterns), you can have all your previous purchases updated to your new From Blank Pages account! Unlike most designers who only allow for a limited number of downloads, or have a limited time period by which you must download your file, this is a service I’d like to provide for you because I know life happens! And to make it easier to find the perfect pattern for your next swap, quilt, or gift – whatever your project may be!

What I need from you (include in notes at checkout):

  • Your full name
  • Email address used for past purchases (if different from your current email address)

What I will do:

  • Add your previous purchases to your account.

You will have access to all your past purchases in one place!! With unlimited downloads and free pattern updates for the patterns you’ve purchased! That’s right! If I update a pattern (with corrections or new features, you will have access for free!)

Think of this as a warranty for your digital files! If you lose a shirt, you can’t go to the store and get a free replacement. Just because digital files are digital, doesn’t mean they are any different. So no matter what happens, this is your guarantee that you can enjoy what you’ve already paid for.


Any purchases made on different platforms AFTER the import has been completed will not be imported. In order to import them, you must repurchase this listing.

Craftsy: Currently I am only able to import purchases made AFTER Jan 10, 2015. Purchases made prior to that time will not be imported at this time.

FREE patterns are excluded and will not be imported. This service is for paid patterns only. You can easily download free patterns again and add them to your account.

Once I have imported patterns from a past account, they cannot be imported again. This is to eliminateΒ  anyone from trying to claim someone else’s pattern purchases.

Please note: Unlimited access does not mean unlimited sharing – or that you can share patterns at all! Patterns are for individual use only, and sharing patterns with others is theft. If you enjoy your patterns please direct others to my shop so they can purchase a copy for themselves!


PLEASE REMEMBER: Technology doesn’t always work how we want it to. I still encourage you to download and save your patterns in a safe place when you purchase them! It’s never good to be 100% reliable on technology, especially the internet.

Additional information

Import from:

From Blank Pages shop, Etsy, Craftsy, All

Craftsy Exceptions:

Currently only able to import purchases after Jan 10, 2015.
Free patterns are excluded and will not be imported.

1 review for Past Purchase Access!!!

  1. alex_899 (verified owner)

    This is a great service! Not printing off my patterns and then getting a new device lead me to lose all my FBP patterns. Purchasing the past purchase access allowed me to access to my patterns without having to re-purchase all of them. Diane was quick to load them into my account and respond to my additional inquiries.

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