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31 day blogging challenge with

A few years ago, I don’t even remember exactly when it was, I participated in attempted to participate in this 31 Day Blogging Challenge that Cheryl of puts on every year.

The goal is to blog every day during the month of December. Which I think, “WHY DECEMBER?!!!” and Cheryl responds, “Because if you can blog every day in December, you can blog any time!!” Which is really genius if you think about it.

Cheryl suggests using this “I’m going to blog everyday in December” post as the first post of December, but here I am posting it now. I’ve been thinking a LOT about my goals and ideas for 2020 and today I finally started writing things down and making lists.

Redifing Purpose

One overarching goal of mine is to do everything with purpose and intention. (hmmm… possible words for my word of 2020??!) In the past I’ve mostly done everything on a whim, not really having a plan, just doing what I want. For not feeling very organized, I’m pretty happy with how my business has grown. Though I will be the first to admit that there are definitely areas which could use some improvement.

On one side of life, I’m focused on my family and my children and all that entails. I love my family, and homeschooling this year has been more amazing than I ever could have expected!

But on the other side, I really really want to see what I can really do with my business. It would make a huge difference if I could be focused, have clear goals, and a clear and meaningful purpose that I am working toward. I find that by not being organized the balance of life/work gets disrupted. I would like to have balance, and wish would magically happen, but don’t we all? It also adds a lot of stress at times when it comes to crunch time.

Part of my intention has been assigning a clear purpose to each of my social media platforms that I use: my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and my newsletter. I’ll admit that with how much each of these platforms has changed over the years I’ve been a bit lost as to what to do where… so I usually end up posting nothing. eye roll.

What are your thoughts???

As I continue to smooth out my plans for 2020, I’d love to hear which platforms you use, and what type of content you like to see on each that you use. That will help me know that my ideas are in sync with what you’re doing in real life, and so I’m not go off my perceptions only.

As a used-to-be-blogger and a I-want-to-start-blogging-again-blogger, I really am going to make this the year for blogging. And for the moment, my goal is to be honest, open, and transparent.

I’m hoping to get tutorials up and share my projects and make it full of quilty goodness. But I’m also hoping to just share me. I don’t want to share my kiddos and family stuff, which I share on Facebook, but rather I really look forward to using this as a journal and focus on writing. I LOVE to write! As I move past expectations of having the perfect photos, and the best quilting content (which are super good and we all love), I can make room to write and express, and be free to share whatever I feel like!

I realize that might make a mess of this space, and I don’t want that. So I will keep fine tuning, finding the purpose, and doing it with intention. For years I have felt so reserved and hesitant to share on my blog what I feel in my heart, and I’ve stated that I was going to start many times, but then I never moved forward with it. I think now I’m finally ready for it regardless of how it ties into quilting… because in the end, quilting is my life and is a story woven into the details, so in a way everything else in my life is also a part of quilting because it’s all apart of me.

I’m really nervous and afraid, as well as excited to see what will unfold on these pages as I learn to let go and open the doors to the possibilities! Here’s to new goals, stepping outside of our comfort zones, and seeing where the time takes us.

Lot’s of love!

love Diane

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  1. I’m not trying to run a business, so for me, blogging is about pleasure. I have hardly any followers, but people I know IRL follow and tell me they enjoy it. So I blog. I usually post 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
    I write most of my posts early and then schedule them. They are picture heavy with not a lot of prose. Also, I’m not giving any tutorials.

    So, you may want to suit this to your own needs, not every day, but make a schedule.
    I use IG. That is is, FB is where I stalk relatives and some friends I never really see.

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