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The Bohn Home, My Other Side Hussle

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen posts in the past about our home updates I’ve been doing. Though I haven’t touched our house in the last 5 months. I took a much needed break after a super intense 5 months of painting half of the inside of the house (kitchen plus all the cabinets, dinning room, huge living room, formal living room, entry way, laundry, 3 bathrooms, and the front of the house – it used to be all white. This includs removing wall paper in some areas), and installing new flooring in all of those same areas. It was a LOT of work but worth it!

I LOVE our house, and making it ours – the way we want it has been magical! We bought this house in February – our first house in the 13 years we’ve been married! It’s exciting!

I’m not a showy person and I’ve never been one to be all about the glam or nice expensive things. And fixing up this house is so much more than just having a nice house. It’s creating a space we love and feel comfortable in, it’s feels like the reward of all those years of hard work and sacrifice and finally we have a place that is all ours and making it the way WE want it to be has been absolutely rewarding and satisfying!

Though we aren’t done yet. The next phase is painting the master bedroom, 3 kids bedrooms, the stairway, the attic room, the music room, making loft beds in the kids rooms, finishing up the trim on the outside of the house, and the yard! (The yard is probably phase 3, though I do get out there and work on it when I need a break from the inside work!)

This past weekend I finally got back to work!

I still have the master bathroom and hallway that need new flooring installed, and I’m making myself finish those before moving on. I don’t need any more WIPs in my life. lol. I ripped out the carpet in our bathroom and made some good progress!

I LOVE this flooring!

It’s luxury vinyl planking from Lowe’s, called Sugar Maple Valley, if I remember right. It doesn’t look anything like the sample at the store, which I was a bit upset about at first, but now I love it!

love Diane

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