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3 Things Before the Year Ends!

First of all…

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! We have been having a very relaxing and wonderful week!

There are a few things I want to quick make note of before the year is over so no one misses out…

River Pond QAL Starts Jan 6th

Click the heading above to read more about the quilt along, and I will be sharing more details in the next few days, so stay tuned!

This is the River Pond quilt. I have since updated the pattern and made it a little longer, so the finished quilt will have one more row/section than what is shown here.

Quilt finishes at 60 inches by 77 inches. It can easily be adjusted in width, and instructions are included to adjust length.

River Pond is on Sale Now!

From NOW through Jan 1st, River Pond is 25% OFF! The perfect time to grab it before the Quilt Along! No coupon necessary! (PDF version only.)

Click the button below to add it to your cart.

Last Chance to get the 2019 Birthday Pattern

Every year I create a new pattern that I send out to my Creative Lounge peeps (aka my newsletter) for their birthday! This year the pattern is Love Rocks, a script font of the word "love".

If you are in my newsletter you need to download it BEFORE Jan 1st, as it will no longer be available for free come 2020. I will be sending it out one more time to everyone on my list - because I changed my web address a few months ago and it messed up the link for some people, so I want to make sure everyone gets it. WATCH FOR THAT EMAIL IN YOUR INBOX! I will send it out tomorrow.

If you are not on my email list but want to be, CLICK THE HEADING ABOVE to join, or you can join anywhere on my website in any of the forms (like the blue one in the sidebar that reads, "Get a 20% Discount Code".

Love Rocks, finishes at 6 inches by 11 inches.

Sign up HERE to get your FREE Love Rocks pattern – the last day to download it for free is Dec 31st, 2019.

Big Change for 2020!

I know I just mentioned that I send out a birthday pattern every year for your birthday, but I'm not going to in 2020. I've got something different in store for you!

I will be sending out a free pattern once a month to everyone who is on my list at that time! That means if you are on my email list for the entire year, you will receive 12 free patterns! Kind of like a Block-of-the-Month for my newsletter. If you sign up the day after I mail out the pattern for that month, I will not be sending it out again, but you can get the rest of the patterns for the year by staying on my email list.

IF you don't want to receive my newsletter that's totally fine! No hard feelings. You will still be able to get the patterns, they just won't be free. They will be available on my website for purchase the same time I send them out through my newsletter.

Why are my newsletter peeps the only ones who get it free???

Of all the places online, your email inbox is the one place that is YOURS. It’s the one place NOT controlled or influenced by algorithms, or being online at a certain time of day. You have control of your inbox (usually… if you looked at my inbox you would see that mine is kind of a big crazy mess. lol. but that’s a story for another day). And when you invite me into your inbox, I appreciate that! It lets me know that you really want to hear from me, that you want to know what’s going on, and want to hear about new patterns and shop events. I don’t take that lightly!

In an act of appreciation and gratitude I like to give you the best! The. best sales, the best goodies, and the best freebies.

What are the patterns???

The patterns I’ll be sending out each month are Simple Sashing Add-on Patterns. I’ll share more details in the next few weeks, but basically the story goes like this…

A couple years ago I created the Simple Sashing pattern to go along with the Zodiac patterns. It was a simple and great way to enlarge a zodiac quilt (using any combination of the Zodiac blocks) and still maintain the lattice effect of the blocks.

At the time I wanted to also create add-on patterns that would also expand the designs of the Zodiac Blocks into the sashing to make them even more dynamic, but life happened and the add-on patterns didn’t.

The Simple Sashing pattern showing one way you could use it on it’s own. You can also use this with ANY quilt block, it doesn’t have a be a Zodiac block.

Each month I will release a new add-on pattern on the first day of the coinciding zodiac sign. (Which is usually around the 20th of the month – and it will only be available as a free download until the end of the month, so they ARE time sensitive.) When I release the patterns I’ll also release a number of different design ideas with different Zodiac blocks as well as how you can use the patterns on their own. There are so many different options with these and lots of different modern quilts you could make with them together and on their own!

Sashing 1

I’m so excited to play with these over the year and share with you all the things you can do with them!

Here’s a peek at the first sashing add-on pattern (I still need to name them…). This will be released on Jan 20th to coincide with Aquarius. Below are some design ideas using this Simple Sashing Add-on pattern.

Here you can see the Aquarius blocks on repeat, with the Simple Sashing pattern and then how it looks when adding the sashing add-on pattern.

4 Aquarius Blocks
Aqaurius Blocks with Simple Sashing
Aquarius with Simple Sashing and Sashing 1

Here are two examples of the first sashing add-on pattern used with the Simple Sashing pattern to create stand alone designs.

Sashing 1 in a repeat strip
Sashing 1 Repeated and Staggered

Here are some examples of the first sashing pattern with other Zodiac blocks:

Sashing 1 with Cancer
Sashing 1 with Sagittarius
Sashing 1 with Aries

Anyway… those are to give you some ideas of what I’ll be sharing in 2020! If you like to be creative and play around with design ideas, you’ll LOVE this! If you don’t feel so confident in the design and planning area, this will be a great way to exercise those creative muscles!

I’ll also make available loads of coloring pages and different ways that you can easily mix-and-match different patterns together to make planning a lot easier.

I’m also thinking of using these as a Row-Along type quilt to make during the year! It’ll be fun to put the different designs together!

What do you think??

Are you ready and excited for a creative quilting year?!

Now go

  • mark your calendar for the Jan 6th – River Pond QAL starts.
  • Sign up for the Creative Lounge Newsletter and remember to download the Love Rocks pattern!
  • And get ready for some fun creativity coming right to your inbox in 2020!
love Diane

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  1. Love the idea do your sashing patterns. Thank you.

    1. Thanks!! I’m so glad you like it! πŸ™‚

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