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Word of the Year 2020

Do you pick a word for the year???

It’s kind of like a resolution, except instead of goals you pick a word. This is my 7th year of picking a word and I love it!

I pick a word that is relevant for me at that time and something I want to improve on incorporate into my life during the year. A word is easy to keep in the back of my mind and helps influence the decisions I make and the direction I’m going.

In past years I’ve picked

  • beautify (as in finding the beauty in things as they are and where they are, no expectations, no required standards to qualify. Simply beautifying in that I find the beauty in all things
  • grounded. grounding myself in life and in what matters.
  • own it! – no more excuses. just own it. acceptance. owning it, whatever it is, is so empowering to do something about it and make a change if it’s something I want changed, or to truly enjoy it if it’s something good.
  • Uplift
I can’t remember what any of the other ones were… lol.

My word for 2020 is…


Consistency is something I’ve struggled with for, well, forever.

I’m really good at hyper focusing and spending a big block of time doing something until it’s done and then moving onto the next thing.

I am not good at doing something a little bit, consistently every day, for a long time, and eventually reaching the end goal. Like exercising or eating healthy. There are things I am good at, like brushing my teeth and sleeping (though I don’t consistently go to bed as early as I’d like). But when it comes to my family, my business, and life in general, I struggle.

I’ve finally hit the point in my life where I’m done being insane. You know the quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” Enough! It’s time to change things up!

I’ve also recently discovered (thanks to my sister) the book, Atomic Habits. The concept is to not set goals – because once you reach a goal, you’re done with it, and then what?! But instead to build habits. Habits that will help you reach your goals and take you far beyond them! And you start by doing something little every day.

Ok, that’s all I really know about that because I still need to read the book. lol. I should set a habit of reading a page everyday (see the habit instead of the goal of reading the book… because then when I’m done, I can start another great book, then another, and another, and I’m not constantly starting over, just continuing the same habit.)

I’m starting out with a few really big goals I have for the year, and have broken them down into smaller and even daily tasks.

I printed out new updated pages for my planner to help me be organized, and my hope is that I’ll get better and better are looking at it daily, doing the small things, and being able to celebrate the small wins that will eventually get me to the win.

I want to learn how it feels emotionally to be consistent. To build that integrity and follow through of putting in the small works to get the big gain.

I think more than anything this is a mental thing, at least for me. And I’m excited to “become” this better version of me. To develop this strength that I haven’t been very good at before. 

Do you have a word???

Have you ever picked a word? Do you like it?

What word have you picked for this year?

Do you have things that help you be consistent?

love Diane

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