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Tomte SAL with Moss & Lotus

A new project is the perfect way to start out a new blog, right?!

I’m so excited that Sue of Moss & Lotus is hosting her second year of the Tomte sew along. I remember watching everyone make the cutest gnomes last year, but wasn’t up for another commitment at the time. I don’t know that I really have the time this year either, but since it’s been years since I’ve done something purely for fun (and no work) I decided to jump right in.

Immediately I started pulling fabrics from my stash and came up with this cute bundle.

Then I started playing around with quilt layouts in Illustrator so I could figure out what I would do with them… after 2 different layouts, one that would require 52 little gnome’s among other blocks (I was going to mix it with my Trees at Night pattern), I realized that I was being WAY too ambitious. lol. I don’t have time for that (cue 7 month old baby cry).

After a second fabric pull, and a little more planning I finally have my plans in place. Last night at our Modern Makers quilt guild meeting, I got a lot of the prep done and can’t wait to show you more…

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