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Sewing again… an iPad cover


I got an early Christmas present yesterday… a new iPad. I had previously (not) been using an old one that my husband got from a previous job over 5 years ago. Oh how quickly technology falls behind. It was slow and sluggish and was a drag to use, so I mostly didn’t. But in finding new needs and uses for something better, we took advantage of a good sale. I love a good sale!

I love when new belongs lead to necessary sewing projects!

Thanks to a good nights sleep and the baby sleeping until 6! WAHOO! I woke up a little extra early this morning to whip up a pretty little cover for the new iPad. I love how it turned out!

The process took me back to the days when I made bags and projects like this all the time! My skills were a bit rusty and I had to do some improvising along the way. lol. Like the orange around the top – that was because I forgot to add extra length so it didn’t just end right at the top of the iPad. And it fits just a little snug… I forgot to add some ease. ha. But it’s good and it works. I added a little pocket and sewed a tiny section to hold the pencil.

I am excited to use this in style… along with keeping it well protected. The inside is fleece, so it’s nice and soft.


I can’t wait to share with you all the things I create on it! (this new present is partially the reason why I sped up the creating of this blog. I want to document my progress as I return to my artistic roots and share my journey as I explore my artsy fartsy side).

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