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Locked in Spots

Meet Locked in Spots:

Locked in Spots is one of my FAVORITE patterns!! There are so many fun projects you can make with this and I’m really excited to share these with you today!!

I designed Locked in Spots at the end of 2015/early 2016. I designed it as a pattern to submit to Make Modern Magazine, and guess what?! They put it on the cover!! (that was soooo exciting!!!)

Locked in Spots appearing on the cover of Issue 9 of Make Modern Magazine
This is Issue 9 and you can get it HERE. (that is an affiliate link, but that doesn’t change anything for you if you click it.)

The version in the magazine only includes the 7 inch block, which is what I used for the quilt shown. Or you can get multiple sizes when you grab the pattern from my shop – which lends itself to sooo many different projects!

Projects I've Made

Here are just a few Locked in Spots projects that I’ve made!

Locked in Spots by Diane Bohn, @fromblankpages

For this mini quilt – I think there are the 3 inch blocks, I used all of Heather Ross’s fabrics. I lived in North Dakota when I made this, and the winters are so long and so cold, that I decided to make my own little garden that I could enjoy despite the bitter cold outside.

I finished it off with some hand stitching, which took a while before it was completely finished, but I love the look of some pretty hand stitching with perl cotton.

I spent a bit of time playing with a lot of fun fussy cutting prints.

These Heater Ross prints are perfect for a wedding pillow. If you put these together and stitched names and the date underneath! I think that would be the best decorative bed pillow!

I used these beautiful prints by Maureen Cracknell for a baby quilt. Wit the pink that is in the squares, I wanted to create a border effect around the faces, and then have it kind of fade across the quilt on the diagonal. I think this design idea would be better suited for a larger quilt – I’m not sure it totally makes sense here. But that’s ok. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

But I love this pattern in that you don’t have to use all the sections in every block. You can see the full pattern in the single block with the face in the center. But in the other blocks in the quilt, I only utilized the blue corner sections.

Here are some more fun blocks I made!


Using Heather Ross prints. Her fabrics are so dreamy for blocks like this!!

Heather Ross balerina
Cotton + Steel swetaers and of course strawberries
A block for my Home Lovin quilt. This Guicy Guice print looks like a sea shell here.
A cute little elephant and I love the lemons!
Anna Maria Horner tree in a mug rug for a teacher gift
fbp Locked in Spots 4 -3 inch quilt block Home Lovin Quilt
I used a smaller size for these Guicy Guice prints in another Home Lovin block
Cutting templates make it SUPER easy to fussy cut the perfect centers for this, and any pattern!

All of my patterns include cutting templates, and if you cut out the center of them, it makes it creates the perfect window so you can get the perfect fussy cut fabrics for your blocks.

When you use my technique for paper piecing, including using the cutting templates and glue basting, it’s easy to get the perfect alignment every time.

Locked in Spots Class

When I was in North Dakota I taught a paper piecing class using the Locked in Spots pattern. It was a fun class, and a great way to learn my unique paper piecing techniques. (If you’d like me to come teach a class, I would LOVE to!)

I wanted to share these gorgeous ornaments that Maddy made after attending the class. I think these are so fun!!

Your Locked in Spots projects

I have LOVED seeing the fun things y’all have made! Be sure to scroll through them all for some really fun ideas!

We’ll start with some smaller projects


And here are full quilts y’all have made!!

So Gorgeous!!

What do you think??

All of my patterns include coloring pages which make it super easy to play around with color and value and create a block, or blocks, that are totally your style!
There is so much variety in just these few projects, I’d love to see what you make with it!

I’d love to hear what you think!

Do you like it?!

Which project is your favorite?

Leave a comment below! πŸ™‚

Thanks for joining me today!

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