It’s a Heart Attack!!!

Have you ever heard of a Heart Attack?? Not the killer one, but the love one?

It’s where you cut out a bunch of paper hearts (and write notes on them if you want) and tape them all over someone’s door or bedroom. It’s a fun way to share your love and “attack” them with hearts!

My daughter has been home from school most of the week recovering from hives and now hip problems. Things are definitely getting boring for her living on the couch for days… so today we decided to do something fun. My two girls colored some paper and then we cut them into hearts and covered our front door with them! (Yep, we shamelessly heart attacked our own house! lol.)

So… this isn’t how a heart attack usually looks. Usually you use colored paperΒ  but we already packed all of our paper. This was a fun alternative… AND we used the coloring pages of my newest pattern! Heart Attack!

The girls had a blast taping the hearts on the door and now we have some fun valentine’s decor, too.

A close up of the 20 hearts that are in the Heart Attack pattern. This is such a fun pattern and I can’t wait to put these hearts into everything… and see what you put the hearts into.

I have some secret gifts in the works with it right now and I can’t wait to share! πŸ˜‰

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