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Home Lovin QAL

Let’s get this party started!! Woot! Woot!

Ha! Ok, how about we have a chillin party?!

I’m really excited to host the laid back Home Lovin quilt along in 2019.

I have some tutorials to share as well as a few giveaways and loads of sewing time. Our lives are busy and I’m setting up this QAL to be one where you can come and go and sew when and what you can, but like a good home, be there when you need it!

Here's how it will work:

I will guide you through the process of planning your project – whether it’s a pillow, bag, mini quilt, quilt, whatever…, how to make your blocks, and give you loads of ideas on how to change up your blocks for added variety.

I will be doing semi-weekly sales of some great patterns that you can include in your Home Lovin QAL, so be sure to subscribe to my blog or newsletter so you don’t miss out on those.

My Plan

I will be making 25 – 14 inch blocks with a variety of centers. I’m using a rainbow of fabrics from Giucy Giuce, and have a stack of 10 inch squares to share – the perfect amount of fabric to create your own Home Lovin house outlines!


I would love to have some scheduled sew times, where we can hang out and quilt together.

I’m also hoping to jump in the Facebook group and do some live videos where I can share some live tips as well as answer questions.

So if you have any questions, anything you’d like me to demonstrate, anything you want me to explain in more detail, or troubleshoot, or even just have general conversation, LET ME KNOW! So I can be prepared to cover those in my little videos and chat sessions.

Connection is such a key part of life and community, and I look forward to building that community with you, especially when it can be a challenge to meet in person, we might as well take advantage of the technology that we have that we can connect with!

I will have a list of dates soon, so you can mark your calendar!

What You Need

There’s just a few things you need to get started, and I’ll walk you through these in more detail over the next week or few weeks. But here’s a list to get you started and on the right track:

Are you ready to get started?!

Be sure to enter the Birthday Celebration giveaway for your chance to win some awesome fabrics that would go perfectly in a Home Lovin quilt! Or anything else, really.

Aren’t these great?! I’ll pick a winner for the giveaway on Wednesday!

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