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Grab Dusk for 35% OFF! Click here Ends June 20th at midnight, MST Days Hours Minutes Seconds Also, due to too many technical difficulties yesterday, the newsletter email and posts got sent out too late, and I am extending the Rockstar 50% OFF sale one more day, and it will go to 35% off tonight […]



Grab Rockstar for 35% OFF! Click here Ends June 20th at midnight, MST Days Hours Minutes Seconds Meet Rockstar: I designed Rockstar and first made the above pillow in April 2015. I designed the pillow to go in my boys room, but it ended up living in my living room until, well, we still use […]

Celestial Star

Grab Celestial Star for 35% OFF! Click here Ends June 20th at midnight. Days Hours Minutes Seconds Meet Celestial Star: I designed and made my first Celestial Star pillow in May 2013. (9 years ago! Crazy!!) I used my Liberty London fabrics for this one! In July of 2014 I hosted the Celestial Star Quilt […]

12th Annual Birthday Celebration!

It’s that time of year again! Every year for the past 12 years, I have hosted some variation of a birthday sale/celebration. There have been sales and giveaways, free patterns, events that have lasted only a few days up to an entire month! It’s been fun coming up with different ways to celebrate each year. […]

girl in hammock with one eye open where shadow of phone is blocking sun

Do I still belong???

Vulnerability post It’s been a looong time since I’ve really shown up in this space. Or any space in regards to my quilting business. Instagram, Facebook, the blog, the newsletter. I pop in here and there, but it’s been hard to really jump back in with both feet. Because honestly, I don’t feel like I […]

Swap #2 Recap!

Are you ready??? Are you ready to see all the amazing projects that everyone made for the From Blank Pages Swap2?! I’m finally getting back to business, and sharing everyone’s amazing work is the first thing I want to share with you!! So sit back, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy! The swap started in […]

Tutorial: Starry Skyline Block – Traditionally Pieced

This tutorial originally appeared on my blog on January 13, 2012. Ok, whatever the name of this block is, that is what I’m calling it. I know, it’s a pinwheel. BUT looking at it for hours after making 7 of these, to me I feel like I’m looking up at the sky, with the […]