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Tomte House and Friends

I’ve been working hard on my Tomte blocks. The first one I finished was my little house. I think this is my favorite block of the Tomte blocks! The funniest thing happened after I made it. I looked away for just a moment, and when I turned back, Tom the Turtle was moving in!! Later, […]

Sewing again… an iPad cover

I got an early Christmas present yesterday… a new iPad. I had previously (not) been using an old one that my husband got from a previous job over 5 years ago. Oh how quickly technology falls behind. It was slow and sluggish and was a drag to use, so I mostly didn’t. But in finding […]

Tomte SAL with Moss & Lotus

A new project is the perfect way to start out a new blog, right?! I’m so excited that Sue of Moss & Lotus is hosting her second year of the Tomte sew along. I remember watching everyone make the cutest gnomes last year, but wasn’t up for another commitment at the time. I don’t know […]


Welcome to the NEW From Blank Pages blog! I’m excited to start blogging again and starting fresh in a new place. Lots of goodies, old and new, coming soon! Grab your favorite fruit, a tall glass of water, and sit back and relax. I’ll be back in a flash… – Diane