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10th Annual Birthday Celebration!!

Happy weekend!!

Are we still allowed to be happy with everything going on?? I say yes! We can be happy AND completely overwhelmed/anxious/stressed/bored/creative/tired and whatever else. We CAN be more than one thing. I learned that from a Light the Fight podcast – they talk about “The AND” – and it has really helped me so much to know that it’s ok to be happy AND sad at the same time. We can embrace and accept all our emotions at once. We don’t have to choose. It’s cool.

Anyway, I know things are pretty crazy and uncertain right now. I hope you are doing well, are safe and healthy and are able to find some good things to clear your mind. I wish I could give you all a tight germ-free squeeze of reassurance, hope, and love!

As I thought of what I could do, I knew I couldn’t put off my 10th Annual Birthday Celebration any longer! This year I really want to do something big for you – to give back to you and provide some great opportunities to dive deep into the solace of creating.

The celebration has 2 parts this year!!

Part 1. Daily patterns marked down 50%!!

I think I’ve only discount this steep maybe 3 times in the 9 years of selling patterns. But I want to do this for you! I know there is a lot of unknown right now, so I want to help lessen the burden but still let you get the tools you need to create, while also still being able to maintain my own financial needs. So let’s split the cost, cool?!

I’m spreading this out, and will only be discounting one or two patterns a day, so be sure to check back often (or check your email everyday) with that days sale.

All previously discounted patterns will remain on sale for 15% off through the remainder of the celebration. You can find them HERE.

Today’s sale is on the Birthday Cake Mini pattern! It makes a 6 inch block – the perfect pattern to celebrate any birthday or special occasion.

I thought this would be a fitting pattern to start the celebration off with!
Don’t you think?

I will NOT be updating the sale pattern on this page. So if you read this after 11 am on Sunday 3/22, the Birthday Cake Mini pattern will no longer be 50% off. Make sure you check out my Homepage everyday to see the sale pattern for each day!

 Part 2. Massive Giveaway!!!

There are 15 prize packs!! 15 people will win! As of right now – as I write this, your chances are 100% of winning. 

Here’s what you could win:

  • Grand Prize: $100 gift card to my shop, $50 gift card to Stitch Supply Co, and a $10 gift card for Appliques Quilts and More.
  • 2 Second Place Prizes: $30 gift card to my shop, $50 gift card to Purple Daisies Quilting, $10 gift card for Appliques Quilts and More
  • 12 people will win: $10 gift card to my shop and a $10 gift card to Appliques Quilts and More

Appliques Quilts and More is so very generous in donating 15 gift cards!! Thank you, Carolyn!! Please take a minute and go visit her shop and see all the wonderful things she has!

You can enter the giveaway right here on the front page of my shop:

Ways you can enter:

  • Share your favorite project using a From Blank Pages pattern and share the link
  • Tell my which pattern is your favorite (this will help me know which direction to go as I continue to design more patterns! )
  • Share the daily sale pattern
  • Join the From Blank Pages community group
  • Join my newsletter (which you already have! So there’s a free entry for you!)
There are a lot of ways to get entries, and one you can come back and do everyday! Make sure you enter your entries in the Rafflecopter widget on my homepage so they count!

Thanks for celebrating with me!

If you have any questions, please let me know!!

I’m also going to try to share all of the beautiful projects you share in my Instagram stories so we can all be inspired! I’m @fromblankpages if you want to see them too!

love Diane

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  1. Happy 10th! I follow you via Feedly. Looking forward to the discounted pattern selections.

  2. So much good stuff to go through! Good thing I’m home and have time to read this and go back to the beginning. Great thing about being at home through all this is I QUILT LIKE A MAD WOMAN. Cranking out charity quilts for kids, dogs, (humane society) and shelters.
    Our 5 year old grandson had a birthday on the 25th and we had a Conference Call Virtual Party. I vote for doing that more often!
    My dog however is tired of walking – we walk 3 times a day for an hour. Gotta get out of the chair sometimes. Thanks for all the great advice and FABULOUS PATTERNS AND INSTRUCTIONS.

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