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Stay at Home and Hop, Part 1!

Wahoo! It’s the first day of the Stay at Home and Hop event and I’m so excited to share an amazing line-up with you today! (Ok, every day is going to be awesome!) I’ve been scoping everyone out and meeting some amazing new-to-me quilters and their work and shops are amazing!


I hope you’ll have fun looking around too! On their sites you should also be able to find their Instagram accounts and Facebook groups too, if either of those are your preferred method to follow along.

Today's Quilters are...

Bea of Bequilter –

Claudia of Presto Avenue Designs –

Cheryl of Cheryl Lynch Quilts –

Ellie of Love to Color My World –

Sandy of Hissyfitz Designs –

Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works –

Anjeanette of Anjeanette Klinder Designs –

Pat Sloan – The Voice of Quilting –

Anne of Said With Love –

Orange Blossom Quilt Design –


I hope this gives you a good break from the crazy of life right now. I always love a deep dive into inspiration and seeing the amazing things that others are doing!

Hopefully you’ll find some things you love and be inspired to create your own beautiful things!

OH! And don’t forget to check out the 10th Annual Birthday Celebration that is starting right now in my shop!!

love Diane

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One comment

  1. “Thank you.”
    What a nice way to gives us all something else to think about (away from the TV/News).

    To you & ALL… “Take Care.”

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