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Valentine’s Day Sale – Project Ideas

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and as with any holiday, I always find myself scrambling to make those last minute gifts. So I figured in case there is anyone out there like me, then maybe we could all benefit from a resource of quick gift ideas.

Personalized Gifts

Everyone loves a gift with their name on it, a monogram, or a special quote or inside joke.

Granted, the longer the word or saying, the more time it’ll take to complete, but there are so many quick things you can make with some letters…

My First Alphabet by Laci, @lace.and.cotton
Love Rocks by Sara Tallas, @stitchedbysaratallas
My First Alphabet by Lori Thomson, @xoxoloriloves
My ABCs by Alex, @hexenweib
My First Alphabet by Catalina, @workinghandsstudio
My First Alphabet by Vicky, @houseofduke1
My ABCs by Sydney, @sydneyrosedesigns
My First Alphabet by Brianne, @baker_brianne
Love Rocks by Sara Tallas, @stitchedbysaratallas

These examples include pouches, banners, pincushions, wall hangings, mini quilts, clear zip pouch, basket, mug rug, and pillow.

Patterns used are: My First Alphabet, My ABCs, and Love Rocks

These patterns are ON SALE through Feb 14th!

Find even more inspiration on Instagram under #fbpMyFirstAlphabet and #fbpMyABCs.

Hearts = Hearts

Is there anything that says “love” better than a heart?! Perhaps. But just for a moment we’ll say there isn’t.

Home Lovin 14 inch block by Marie Heppler, using Geometric Heart from the Heart Attack pattern.
Heart Attack Stripe mug rug by Diane, @fromblankpages
Home Lovin 12 in by Beth D
Heart Attack: Geese Tracks by Sally, @aloysioussinjin
Heart Attack Star pillow by Diane, @fromblankpages
Heart Attack Flower mug rug by Diane, @fromblankpages
fbp Heart Attack - Star 6 inch quilt block Home Lovin Quilt
Home Lovin with Heart Attack Star by Diane, @fromblankpages
Heart Attack: Horizontal + Mini Geese, by Marie H @reespieces1
Love is Made of Hearts, group quilt, 2015
Home Lovin by Lindsay Thompson, @inspireddomesticity
Heart Attack Mini Star quilt block
Heart Attack Mini Star by Diane, @fromblankpages
Heart Attack Geese Tracks mug rug by Diane, @fromblankpages

The patterns shown are Heart Attack and Home Lovin.

Examples include a few mug rugs, wall hangings, and pillows. aaaaaannd a lot of blocks that you could make into so many different things: pouch, notebook cover, bag, baby quilt, bunting/garland, a banner, basket…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

These patterns are ON SALE through Feb 14th!

Tutorials Anyone?!

If you’d like to turn your quilt block into a pillow, I have a simple Pillow Tutorial HERE that you can use.

And this YouTube video by Sharon Schamber shows my favorite method for adding a binding.

Share Your Project

Do you have a project you’ve made using one of these patterns? I hope you’ll share it! You can tag me on Instagram (@fromblankpages) and add #fbpPatterns. Or add your photos to the Facebook group. OR add them to the Creative Gallery here on my website.

love Diane

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