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Heart Attack

Meet Heart Attack:

I designed Heart Attack in January of 2019.

I released this right before we moved to Mississippi, so I let my kids pick out and design their own hearts which we turned into teacher gifts. We LOVED our North Dakota teachers so much!! They are still some of our top favorite teachers EVER!

Two hearts that my kiddos picked out for teacher gifts

It was inspired by the heart attack concept of when you cut out a bunch of paper hearts and tape them to someone’s door – giving them a “heart attack”!

We used the coloring pages to put on our door (totally staged photo. lol!) Usually you just use colored paper. But whatever works!!


Here are the finished teacher gifts I made.

J wanted to give a pillow for the reading corner of the classroom
T picked this rainbow mug rug
M wanted to give a mug rug
H picked the perfect colors and layout for something more "manly" for his male teacher

To make it fun, I designed 21 different 6 inch hearts.

The pieces of the hearts can also be mixed and matched for so many possibilities!

Marie Helper did such a fun job of mixing up her hearts! I LOVE these!!

Heart Attack: Vertical, by Marie H @reespieces1
Heart Attack: Vertical + Little Heart, by Marie H @reespieces1
Marie also made this super cute flower heart!
Heart Attack: Mini Geese, by Marie H @reespieces1
Heart Attack: Mini Geese + Vertical, by Marie H @reespieces1
Heart Attack: Horizontal + Mini Geese, by Marie H @reespieces1

You can check out my Home Lovin post, which is also on sale today, but I also added a number of the Heart Attack hearts into the centers of the 14 inch blocks!

It’s a fun way to change up the traditional heart that is part of the Home Lovin pattern.

Let's see what you've made!

What do you think??

What projects do you want to use all of your hearts in??

Do you have someone that you want to heart attack?? πŸ˜‰

I’d love to hear what you think!

Do you like it?!

Which project is your favorite?

Are you buying the pattern?

Leave a comment below! πŸ™‚

Thanks for joining me today!

love Diane

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