Crayon Mug Rug

Meet Crayon Mug Rug:

Crayon Mug Rug started with this Pencil Mug Rug pattern that I made while we lived in Florida (sometime in 2014). I had seen some pencils on a pouch that a friend made and decided to make a pattern of pencils into a mug rug.
Pencil Mug Rug by Diane Bohn, @fromblankpages

Well, apparently this was too close to someone else’s pattern – which I still have never seen the original one that everyone mentioned, so I just called it a wash, and made them into pencils instead.

Crayon Mug Rug by Diane Bohn, @fromblankpages

So I suppose it was a creative accident???

Anyway, I love the crayons and the different crayon tips. Because honestly, who ever keeps a completely perfect set of crayons around?? πŸ˜‰

Later I added my some crayons to my Home Lovin quilt.

Home Lovin & Crayon Mug Rug by Diane Bohn, fromblankpages

This is another pattern that I wasn’t able to find too many pictures of. But the ones I found are good!!

Popsicle Sticks and Crayon Mug Rug, and Rise Above Geometric by Cris Anderson

For one of the FBP Swaps in the Facebook Group, Cris made this AMAZING mini quilt using the crayons for Hilary – who is a school teacher. Isn’t this just perfect to hang in a classroom?!?!

(She also used Popsicle Sticks for the letters, and the smaller mini is the Geometric Rise Above pattern. SOO much goodness!!)

Crayon Mug Rug by Cristy, @cristycreates

These make such great teacher gifts! And I love how Cristy added the teachers name to the mug rug! and notice the little heart and “Nora” on the green crayon?! That is her daughter’s name. A fun way to remind the teacher who it’s from!


And then check out how fun this is!!

Nicole made a Crayon Mug Rug and then sent it to Camille Roskelley!! (@thimbleblossoms) And Camille hung it up on her wall!! I remember totally geeking out about this when I first saw it. lol.

Crayon Mug Rug by Nicole Dom Christoffersen, @kwilter100
Crayon Mug Rug by Nicole Dom Christoffersen, @kwilter100 on @thimbleblossoms wall

What do you think??

How would you make your crayons?? Would you keep them brand new? Or would they all be worn down? lol

I’d love to hear what you think!

Do you like it?!

Which project is your favorite?

Are you buying the pattern?

Leave a comment below! πŸ™‚

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