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80’s Geese

Meet 80's Geese:

I designed 80’s Geese in October of 2016. I can’t remember exactly why…

It’s obviously a spin-off from the 70’s Geese pattern, and I think it was partially to create a block that was easier to assemble, and also for the different design possibilities that this block construction added that isn’t available in the 70’s Geese pattern.

As you can see in the top photo, it does look very similar in design.

But here is another option that I really loved creating!

a single block of this version of the 80's Geese pattern
that block on repeat.
I love the emerging designs that pop out when you put a block on repeat!
This is one of my favorite minis I’ve made. The designs and the colors! This would make a beautiful bed quilt if you were to add more blocks and keep repeating this design!

One thing I love to do with my patterns when I test them, is – if my testers are willing, to have them donate their test blocks and I make a charity quilt with them!

80s Geese charity quilt

Here is the finished 80’s Geese quilt that my testers and I made. They did such an amazing job and I think this scrappy version turned out so well!

When I was donating it at our quilt guild meeting (the North Star Quilters in Grand Forks, ND) to the charity that they donate their quilts to – to foster kids, the guild decided that they wanted to raffle it off and raise money instead! I think it was only like 15 min, and it made over $300, maybe $400 dollars! (I can’t remember for sure). And then they donated that money, I think to the women’s shelter. (That was a lot of years ago… I can’t remember all the details.)

But it is so neat to be able to participate in whatever way to helping people and blessing others with these quilts we make!!

And I’m grateful for my pattern testers and their willingness to not only help me make great patterns (better than I could do on my own), but also to help give to the community.Β 

Like I mentioned above, this pattern is very versatile with lots of design possibilities.

I wanted to share just a few here. And of course the coloring pages, which are included in the pattern, allow you to play around with your own creativity and come up with your own amazing ideas!!

Your 80's Geese projects

There are SO many more projects online that what I’ve added to my website. I hope you’ll go explore and find them all! It’s a shame to not have them all here. But I’ll keep adding more as I come across them, or re-find them!

Be sure to tag your photos on Instagram with #fbpPatterns AND #fbp[PatternName] so I can find them and I’ll be sure to share them! Thanks!

What do you think??

Are you ready to give this pattern a try??

Like my other patterns, there are lots of instructions, and everything you need to make the pattern.

It also comes in multiple sizes – for an even wider variety of projects you can use this for!

I’d love to hear what you think!

Do you like it?!

Which project is your favorite?

Are you buying the pattern?

Leave a comment below! πŸ™‚

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