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River Pond QAL: Quilting Ideas

This post is part of the River Pond Quilt Along. You can find more info and the schedule HERE. While this content is directed toward the River Pond QAL, the same concepts can be applied to any quilt that you are making.
You can purchase the River Pond pattern HERE.

Getting Back on Track

I don’t know that there is much to explain about life being out of sorts and getting off track with all the recent life changes… so I won’t. However, I am very sorry that I dropped the ball for everyone who is following along and have been waiting on me. I’m sorry! Love you! and at the same time, thank you for your patience with me to also be human. Love ya!

Quilting Ideas

As I’ve sat and tried to write this post, I’ve struggled to put it in words, so I decided to make a little video instead. But first… there is an assignment! Yep, we are going to be in school for just a moment, too, along with our children. haha.


We are going to do a repeat of the very first assignment, found in this post.

You probably already have a quilt inspiration board, but now I want you to create a board (if you don’t have one already) that is ONLY for quilting ideas! You can include free motion quilting, walking foot quilting, hand quilting… everything!

ENJOY some time browsing for beautiful quilting and remember to also stay focused! lol.

I actually have two boards… (I need to clean up my Pinterest pins.)

Another option besides doing this on Pinterest is to create a collection on Instagram. Either will work the same.

After you’ve added pins to your quilting inspiration board, go back through and really pay attention to the different ideas you’ve collected. You can even get a little notebook and doodle the ideas down. This will give you some practice creating them, which will help when you go to quilt them. PLUS I really like being able to flip through the designs in a physical notebook.

Pick a number of designs that you think you’d like to use on your River Pond quilt.

This is my favorite part!!

Print out a number of the coloring pages and grab a pen or pencil, or anything with a fine tip.

You can quickly color the quilt to match what it looks like, though I would only do so very lightly.

Next, start filling in the page with different designs that you like. You can even just draw straight lines, but test out quilting some areas and leaving some blank, or changing directions, or whatever! You’re only limited by your imagination!

Though I know that sometimes our imaginations can feel pretty limited, and that’s why I had you collect a bunch of ideas first.

I also made a quick video to give you an idea of how I like to play…

I’d love to see your quilting ideas!! If you draw up some ideas on the coloring pages, be sure to share them in the Facebook group or on Instagram!! You can use #fbpcoloringpages and/or #fbpRiverPond and tag me, @fromblankpages, so I can find them!

I can’t wait to see! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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If you’re on Instagram, tag me, @fromblankpages, and use #fbpRiverPond so we can all see what you’re up to and comment!

love Diane

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