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10th Annual Birthday Celebration!

These are crazy times and I want to give all that I can to allow you to dive deep into your creativity and use this time to find joy in creating something beautiful! (or lots of things!!) So I am discounting steep – for you!! I want you to have the resources you need with no added stress.

There is something powerful and healing in creating! I hope you’ll be able to use this time to bless yourself and the world with your talents by sharing your creations.

This celebration has 2 parts, a SALE and a GIVEAWAY! This page will be updated daily with everything you need, making it easy for you.

1. Save 50% OFF Today's Pattern

Discount goes from 10 am until 11 am the following day!
Tomorrows pattern will be on sale at 10 am. No coupon necessary. All sales are for PDF only. Click the image for pattern details.

Star Gazing (includes 5 mix-and-match patterns available in 4 sizes) - Sale Price - $5 or $15 for all 4 sizes
Star Fruit (includes 3 sizes) - Sale Price - $5

Save 50% on Yesterday's Pattern for 1 More Hour

Celestial Star (available in 4 sizes or Bundled) - Sale Price - $5 or $9 for Bundle


Over the next few days I will be listing all of the Zodiac patterns from the Zodiac BOM. Each individual pattern will be listed for 50% off if you only want a few blocks OR you can purchase the bundle (includes all 12 patterns in 3 sizes PLUS the Simple Sashing pattern) for a whoppin 75% OFF!!

All previously discounted patterns will remain on sale for 15% through the remainder of the sale. You can find them all HERE.

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2. Enter the Share Your Favorite Pattern Giveaway!!

Giveaway runs through Sat. April 4th.

If you win any of the giveaways, I am willing to put your gift certificate winning amount toward any purchases made during the sale (and will refund the GC amount). That way you can still take advantage of the sales even if you win! OR use them on any future purchase!

You'll love our best sellers!

Fabulous patterns that are the perfect canvas for your creativity!

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What's in a name?

From Blank Pages is kind of an odd name for a pattern brand… wouldn’t you say?! But not when you understand the meaning behind it.

The idea and passion of From Blank Pages patterns is that when it comes to creating, we all get to start with our own blank pages, filling them with our own creativity and beauty.

From Blank Pages patterns let you do just that! They are versatile and often limitless in the designs and styles you can turn them into.

Get ready to put your creativity cap on, do a little planning with colored pencils or markers and the included pattern coloring pages, grab your fabrics and enjoy the entire process as you create your next favorite From Blank Pages project!

I can’t wait to see what creativity comes from your blank pages!

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Happy Birthday!

2019 Birthday Pattern!

Meet the Love Rocks paper piecing quilt pattern.

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