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70’s Geese

Meet 70’s Geese: I designed 70’s Geese for a swap I was in. (It must have been a Flickr swap – because that’s when I was most involved in swaps. Those were the best!!) That was in March of 2012! Cray-cray! ;p I recall that part of the reason I named it 70’s Geese was […]

legs extended with feet crossed sitting in wood chips with pine cones


I need to pause for a moment and touch base with reality for a second. As I’m sure like many of you, school just ended, or is right around the corner. Today was my kiddos last day of school. The past two weeks have been SO insanely intense! Events and celebrations during the school day, […]


Meet Dusk: Dusk is a fun story! In about May of 2015, Leila sent me a photo of a paper craft she had in her window, and asked if I could make a pattern based off of it. It was a 9 pointed star, which is not a typical design, and is the reason why […]



Meet Rockstar: I designed Rockstar and first made the above pillow in April 2015. I designed the pillow to go in my boys room, but it ended up living in my living room until, well, we still use it in there when we’re watching TV – whether on the floor or the couch. It’s been […]

Celestial Star

Meet Celestial Star: I designed and made my first Celestial Star pillow in May 2013. (9 years ago! Crazy!!) I used my Liberty London fabrics for this one! In July of 2014 I hosted the Celestial Star Quilt Along and it was SOO much fun! You can find the Tutorials and links to the original […]

Moving Sale!!

I have sooo much to catch up on! But things have literally been soooo busy around here the last 3 months. It’s been non-stop packing, painting, finishing up house updates, lots and lots of cleaning as we’ve prepared for showing after showing and a photo shoot to try to sell our house. On top of […]

Meet our Sponsor: Carolyn of Appliques Quilts and More!

This post is part of the 10th Annual Birthday Celebration. You can find all the details HERE, and see the daily sale and enter the giveaway on my Homepage. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Carolyn of Appliques Quilts and More. She has generously donated 15 gift card prizes for the giveaway!! Thank you […]

10th Annual Birthday Celebration!!

Happy weekend!! Are we still allowed to be happy with everything going on?? I say yes! We can be happy AND completely overwhelmed/anxious/stressed/bored/creative/tired and whatever else. We CAN be more than one thing. I learned that from a Light the Fight podcast – they talk about “The AND” – and it has really helped me […]

Valentine’s Day Sale – Project Ideas

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and as with any holiday, I always find myself scrambling to make those last minute gifts. So I figured in case there is anyone out there like me, then maybe we could all benefit from a resource of quick gift ideas. Personalized Gifts Everyone loves a gift with their name […]

Sharing the Quilted Love

Is that chocolate I smell??? Probably. I always smell chocolate. haha. I was going to use that as a intro to saying that it’s almost Valentine’s Day, but I could use that any day for anything… I love me some chocolate. How about you?! Anyway… I also love loving the people around me and that’s […]