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Stay Tuned!

There aren’t currently any events going on, but you can join the Newsletter to get live updates, private sales, deeper discounts, and more! Sign up below! Join the Creative Lounge Sign up and receive exclusive discounts, sales, FREE patterns, never miss an update, and be inspired – all within your inbox! Social media can be […]

Grateful Sale!

Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, Cyber Monday… I know that in the recent years these have all turned into non-existent things and the “Sales” have begun as soon as November 1st, and the emails are overwhelming and BLAH! Aaaaannnnd…. this is still my other big sale of the year that I have done for so […]

Back-To-School Sale

Did someone say school??? It’s that time of year again!! Summer is winding down, and schedules are returning.  And so is…. FREE TIME!! for me! and all parents! (hopefully. lol) That means more time to quilt!!  So of course we need a sale to grab some new patterns. 😉 Back-to-School Sale!   Save 25%  OFF ALL patterns! […]

13th Annual Birthday Celebration!

It’s that time of year again!! And can you believe it?? I’m actually right on time this year!! lol. Wahoo! Happy Birthday to me! 😉 For this years sale, I decided to try something a little different. In the past I’ve done tiered savings based on how much you spent, but this year I’m doing […]

Congrats CJ and Shelly for Best in Show + 1st Place!!

A couple of weeks ago CJ Jolly emailed me and I immediately asked if I could share the exciting news with y’all, because I love celebrating wins! She said yes, and so here’s the story… CJ had made a beautiful River Pond quilt with us for the River Pond QAL in the beginning of 2020. […]

Winter Sale!

As much as I love playing in the snow, whether sledding with my kiddos, or cross country skiing, or being snuggled warm inside with some hot chocolate, there always seems to come a point where I’m just done with winter and I’m ready to move on to warmer days and sunshine! But alas, we must […]