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The FBP Difference

Why are From Blank Pages patterns different than other patterns, you ask???

Sure, a quilt pattern is in the end just another quilt pattern. I mean, can they really be all that different?!

Well, if you’ve used quilt patterns from a variety of designers, you have probably noticed that they all have their differences. Some are simple and couldn’t include any less detail than they do – leaving you lost and confused. Some are cumbersome and overwhelming, so you don’t even start at all. Some have features you’ve come to love and some you find easy to use and have basically everything you need.

At From Blank Pages, our passion is to make sure that you have everything you need before you start quilting. We work hard to set you up for a successful and stress-free experience. Our patterns are packed with instructions, tips, diagrams and tools to give you the support you need in order to focus on your creativity and the steps of quilting that you love for a refreshing and enjoyable experience!

Why is this such a big deal??
Because if you’ve ever bought a lemon of a pattern, you know how frustrating it is to cut your fabric and start a project, just to have nothing work the way it should. Walking away from your project with frustration and exhaustion and another addition to your neglected WIP pile.
If quilting is our hobby and our love, then it needs to be a positive and rejuvenating experience. And that’s what we’re here to help you with!
Let's go over some key aspects of every From Blank Pages pattern:

1. EVERY pattern has been meticulously designed and created with a focus on accuracy, ease of use, and beautiful designs.

2. EVERY pattern has been carefully tested for both accuracy in the pattern and design as well as grammatically. I go over every pattern myself multiple times, and also have outside help test and make patterns and check for typos and other areas that could be improved.

3. From Blank Pages patterns include EVERYTHING I want to use myself when quilting – so you can be assured that it will also have everything you want. Everything has been thought of and nothing is left out.

4. Cutting Templates. Hands down the best feature of From Blank Pages patterns! The benefits of using cutting templates are life changing! Use less fabric = you have more fabric left over for more beautiful projects, greater accuracy in piecing = no more using the dreaded seam ripper (I use mine maybe 2 times a year+-), get perfect fussy cuts every time,

5. The only corners that are cut in these patterns are the template corners. I carefully match up every pattern section that will be sewn to an adjoining section and trim those pesky dog ears off the corners. No more guessing how to align the sections to get the seam to match. It’s quick and easy to align the pattern sections and sew them together. Matching seams has never been easier!

6. Coloring pages in every pattern. Nothing is worse than having an amazing idea in your head that looks like garbage in real life. With a little extra planning, it’s easy to tweak those ideas into quilts and projects that truly are spectacular!

7. Tips & Tutorials. Each pattern contains helpful tips before the pattern, and within the assembly instructions to help make creating your blocks as smoothly as possible. I also have loads of tutorials on YouTube and on my blog. Plus you can always contact me with questions if you get stuck along the way. I’m always more than happy to help!

Using a From Blank Pages pattern for the first time?!

Let me walk with you through the pattern and through the creating process, whether your new to quilting or a seasoned veteran, I know there’s something here that will help improve your quilting process!