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Word of the Year 2020

Do you pick a word for the year??? It’s kind of like a resolution, except instead of goals you pick a word. This is my 7th year of picking a word and I love it! I pick a word that is relevant for me at that time and something I want to improve on incorporate […]

Happy Thanksgiving & a Grateful Heart

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the States. Over the past few years something about being a mother and spending the day preparing our “feast” has turned this holiday into a very personal and special one for me. Some years have been better than others, in regards to cooking the turkey – and there has definitely […]

A Tribute to my Mother

My mother passed away on the 4th, and my family asked me to give the tribute at her funeral. I wanted to document these words so I can always have a place to read over them and remember, as well as share with anyone else who would like to read it. There is something about […]

We LOVE Mississippi!

This has been the craziest and busiest move ever… But I seriously love it here so much!! I was so afraid that since we were buying a home (which means we are really stuck here for a while) that everyone would love it except me, and I’d be stuck here in misery for YEARS! Nothing […]

We’re Moving to Mississippi

We are moving to Mississippi in 2 weeks. That’s 14 days. We’re excited and couldn’t be more grateful or more blessed than we have been. Everything is falling into place and turning out better than could have been expected. Though while the good is all around us, I’ve felt very disconnected from the whole event. […]

Oh, the possibilities of 2019!

I have so many things going on in my head and in my life right now. If I look at it all from an observer’s perspective it’s positively dizzying! But from the *eye of the storm* I see an unlimited number of amazing possibilities! Sure, there are bumps in the road and windy days. But […]