Meet Cathedrals:

I designed Cathedrals in May of 2014. We lived in Florida at the time and it was right before we moved to Idaho. I think we moved the week I released it.

So I’ve always felt like this pattern kind of got swept under the rug and forgotten. The main block is one that I’ve always wanted to repeat and make as a full bed quilt. It’s my personal favorite of all the blocks I’ve ever made!

here's a general mockup of the block on repeat

The Cathedrals Collection actually comes with three different variations of the pattern.


Cathedral Squares

Cathedral Corners

The blocks on repeat (2 x 2 blocks)

The blocks on repeat (4 x 4 blocks)

This gives you an idea of the overall design as you repeat the blocks. I think this is a more elegant or classy pattern that would be beautiful for wedding quilts, anniversaries, or anything that is more formal.

Though that’s not necessarily true… when you see the fun quilts y’all have made, it really widens the possibilities!

In the past 10 years (wowsers!) y’all have made some pretty amazing projects with the 70’s Geese pattern! Let’s check some of them out…

Your Cathedral projects

That all of my patterns come with coloring pages??
They are a great way to plan your projects before cutting into your precious fabrics.
One thing I’ve found that helps to make your project really pop! is to play with value placement before you start adding color. Color differences can really add contrast to any project, but when you play with the value contrast, it takes it to a whole new level!
Here are some value layouts that I made with the 70’s Geese pattern. What do you think??

I don’t have as many photos of projects with the Cathedrals pattern. If you have a project with this pattern and want to share, you can post it in the Facebook Group, or you can tag it on Instagram with #fbpCathedrals and #fbpPatterns, and tag me, @fromblankpages

What do you think??

Are you ready to give this pattern a try??

Like my other patterns, there are lots of instructions, and everything you need to make the pattern.

This pattern includes 12 inch and 18 inch sizes, and you can buy all the variations together bundled, or each version separate.

I’d love to hear what you think!

Do you like it?!

Which project is your favorite?

Are you buying the pattern?

Leave a comment below! πŸ™‚

Thanks for joining me today!

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