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River Pond QAL: Block B

This post is part of the River Pond Quilt Along. You can find more info and the schedule HERE.
You can purchase the River Pond pattern HERE.

Another day another block!

Alright! We are moving right along! How was making Block A? From what you’ve shared, everyone’s blocks seem to have come together beautifully! Well done! πŸ™‚

Today we’ll make Block B. I do have a quick tip to share with you, so check that out below.

Block B

Here are my fabrics for Block B.

Here is my finished block.


I noticed as I finished up this block, that the last corner triangle was a little finicky in terms of wanting to cut off the corner of the center square.

Here’s what I ended up doing that was an easy and sure fix so it ended up in just the right spot every time.

You’ll need to refer to the pattern for this to make sense… (You can purchase the pattern here.)

This is what your block will look like for step 6 (the drawn line is marked in a dashed line in the photo)

But I sewed on that line, per the instructions, this is what happened:

See how the corner is cut off? (don’t mind my weird double joined finger… )


No one likes cut off points, so here’s how I remedied that…

I folded my orange square in half and placed it right where I wanted it to be – next to the point, not on it.

Then I carefully unfolded it, making sure it didn’t shift at all (you could also glue baste it in place). And then I sewed it down on the line I drew in step 5.

And wallah! I have a lovely Block B block!

Quilt Progress

And here are my B blocks added to my design wall.


Today’s homework:

Make your Block B blocks and share them with us!

Is two blocks a week a good pace? Or should we speed it up and make 3? Let me know and I can move up some blog posts, and have a little extra time for catch-up and quilting at the end. Or we can keep it how it’s at. πŸ™‚

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love Diane

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  1. Thank you Diane.
    the pace is good for me, two blocks by week allow me to keep in track !

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