Rise Above

How to shop for the Rise Above Patterns!

1. IF YOU WANT ALL THE RISE ABOVE PATTERNS: Purchase one of the two bundles. You can choose either the Base Bundle, which includes the most basic background (that is just one piece of fabric) OR the Geometric which is the one I made with the fishes in the background. Purchasing the bundle gives you the base pattern for free.

Either of these will give you the base pattern and ALL 8 add-on patterns! IF you want both the Base and the Geometric patterns, then purchase one of the bundles and the single pattern of the other.

2. IF YOU ONLY WANT A FEW BALLOONS: Purchase one of the base patterns, either Rise Above Base OR Rise Above Geometric. Then purchase any additional Add-On patterns that you want. You must have a base pattern in order to use the add-on patterns. The base pattern includes the basket and background, whereas the add-on patterns ONLY include the balloon template – hence the term “add-on pattern”.

If you still have questions, please let me know!

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