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Featured Patterns
Fabulous patterns that are the perfect canvas for your creativity!

Featured Patterns

Fabulous patterns that are the perfect canvas for your creativity!

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About Me:

Hi! I’m Diane Bohn. Full-time single mom of 6 amazing kiddos.

I started my quilt journey in 2009 when my step-mom taught me how to make a baby quilt for myΒ  first boy. I slowly dabbled in quilting until 2011 when I dove in head first after finding the online world of modern quilting, bloggers, and the awesome old days of Flickr swaps! I started designing patterns to share and sell and have been designing ever since!

In 2020 I got divorced and moved back home. I’ve since shifted my focus to developing my coaching business where I support men and women in their journey of empowerment and clearing relationship wounds. I have received multiple certifications in EFT, NeuroFit, Yoga, somatic processing, Heart Centered Life Coaching certification (finishing in June 2024), and am a certified MAP practitioner. I have gone on a self-led journey of gaining a deeper understanding of psychology, abuse, and trauma. My passion is helping people reclaim their lives after deep struggle and stepping into a place of peace and joy.

While I focus on coaching, quilting is still a passion of my heart, and my creative outlet and the perfect activity to do while I listen to my favorite podcasts and audiobooks.

Thank you for being here and joining me on this journey!
Much love,

What's in a name?

From Blank Pages is all about starting from a clean slate – no expectations no judgment. Simply tapping into your own creative style, creating what YOU want HOW you want!

The patterns are versatile and can be made a hundred ways depending on fabric placement, color, and value. You’ll have so much fun making something new every time! Or find your favorite style and make it a million times. No one’s going to keep you from doing it the way you want.

Empowering Creativity is more than just discovering your creativity. It’s about supporting you in your creative process. Helping you find what inspires you and learning how to incorporate that into your quilting and sewing projects.

My goal and desire is to make this space a place of support and encouragement so you can put down the self-limitations and find the beauty and creative power you already have inside you!

I can’t wait to see the creativity that flows from your blank pages!