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Home Lovin QAL: Giveaway Winners

And the winners are...

First, I have to apologize for the lateness of drawing winners for the two Home Lovin giveaways! I am coming to terms with how easily distracted I am – as I have been completely focused on getting our new flooring put in and painting our kitchen cabinets! It’s looking amazing, but has also stressed me out knowing that I have fallen behind with the QAL. (but it’s also been stressing our family out having a crazy house! So restoring the peace won out the past two weeks…) So, now that I’m stepping out of denial that I am sometimes a little flaky, and into acceptance, I can take it one day at a time…

“Hi, my name is Diane and I’m flaky.” lol. (face palm)

I hope you’ll forgive me, and you’ve probably already known this about me for years – if you’ve been following me long enough. ha! Thanks for being kind and not pointing it out! lol.

Alright, enough of that stuff… let’s get on to the good stuff!!


First, the Birthday Celebration Week fabric giveaway:

The winner is... Janny S!

And for the Home Lovin QAL Coloring giveaway for the 25 – 10 inch squares:

The winner is... Dorthy S!

Congrats ladies!! I will contact you right away and get these fabrics sent out as soon as I hear from you!

Enjoy your fabrics!!

Stay tuned for more posts and more goodies, coming up!!

I will be sharing my progress as I go along on Instagram (@fromblankpages) (using #fbpHomeLovin) as well as in the From Blank Pages Community Facebook group. So I hope you’ll join me and come follow along, and of course share your blocks and progress as well!!

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