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Home Lovin Giveaway

Hey there!

It’s been a crazy week, as we just got back from a last minute trip to Utah Tuesday evening. My dear mom passed away unexpectedly, and it’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions and events.

But I’m so grateful for all of you and your love and support! I’m so excited about the response I’ve had to the Birthday Celebration so far and am excited to hear that so many of you are excited to start quilting up your own Home Lovin blocks!

In the rush of traveling and other events, I didn’t have time to post more details for the giveaway, so unless you’re on my newsletter, you might not know what’s going on!

So here are all the details…

First, Here’s what you could win!

24 Fat Quarters (1 mystery fat quarter – not shown. 8 yards total) of some of my favorite (and long hoarded) prints from my stash.
Fabric designers include: Anna Maria Horner, Tula Pink, Lizzy House, Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, V and Co, and Cotton and Steel

You can see a little video of the prints on my Instagram stories, as well as under the Home Lovin tab in my histories (on my Instagram profile).

It might look like a random mix, because it IS! But every single print is beautiful and usable, and looking at each of them as I cut them out, makes me want to make my own Home Lovin quilt in all these prints! They are fun and a great range of colors!

I had fun reminiscing over past quilting memories as I cut each of these out. The quilting world seems so different today than it used to be, with changes in platforms, communities, and well, the regular changes of life circumstances. These fabrics are a tribute to simpler times (in my own life at least) and are a break away from the new modern rush of feeling like we need the latest and greatest.

So instead of the latest and greatest, here is my pick of oldies and goodies. πŸ˜‰

How to Enter:

1. Grab your own copy of the Home Lovin quilt (if you haven’t done so already – it’s 50% OFF until Sunday May 19th at midnight, CST).

2. Print out the first page and either

a. take a selfie with the page – you can be creative here, show it on the floor with your toes, or with your eyes poking out, with your hands holding it, etc. Just let me know that you have it!

b. take a photo of the first page with the fabrics you’d love to use to make the block.

3. You must tag me (@fromblankpages on Instagram, or like my page on Facebook and tag From Blank Pages) and use the hashtag #fbpHomeLovin. This way I’ll be sure to see your entry! You can also post in the From Blank Pages Community on Facebook.

4. OR instead of a selfie, or in addition to a selfie, you can make a Home Lovin block and post it on social media (including the info in step 3). It’s a quick block to sew up, so you could even make a few if you wanted!

(If your accounts are private, I won’t be able to see your entries. You can DM your posts, or send me a screenshot of it to let me know that you entered.)

That’s it!

I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday May 22nd during the day sometime. (you know, between feeding the baby and playing with the 3 year old). πŸ˜‰

Thanks for sharing!!

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