Experiencing a world of creativity and filling my blank pages one day at a time.

Welcome to the new From Blank Pages blog. A casual setting to share my creative experiences and experiments.

The name, From Blank Pages, has everything to do with the journey of fresh starts, discovery, exploration, gathering inspiration, creativity, the process of trial and error, and collecting the best of what life presents.

Like a book full of blank pages, I am intrigued to watch with you how these pages unfold and what exactly they will reveal. But even more than that, I am thrilled to be the one to fill them.

So grab your favorite fruit (or other healthy-ish snack), a tall glass of water (or whatever you want to drink – I’m just trying to portray a refreshing feel), and sit back and relax. Mwah!


Here’s the best place to find all the best resources in one spot. I’ll add events, updates and the latest news here. Check back often so you don’t miss anything! Best Resources… WelcomeKnow Your Pattern!TutorialsBlogPattern UpdatesQuilting RewardsFind MeTeaching Events What’s Going On… 2019 Friday Oct 25th May 20 – Sept May 13th-19th Speaking, Introduction to From Blank Pages patterns and The Creative Power of Quilting, MQA Fall Gathering (Hattiesburg, MS) Home Lovin QAL Birthday Celebration –  Read more HERE! 2018 Thursday Sept 27th April 30th – May 6th Locked in Spots Paper Piecing, class, Quilters Eden Quilt Shop (East Grand Forks, ND), 6-9 pm Birthday Celebration, Grab Sales HERE! 2017 Saturday Oct 21st Saturday Nov 4th Lecture, Quilting on the Red Quilt Show (Grand Forks, ND), 11:00 am Paper Piecing Demo, North Star Quilt Guild (Grand Forks, ND) 1:15 pm Rise Above Quilt Along! On the Blog… Read All Posts

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