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Experiencing a world of creativity and filling my blank pages one day at a time.

Welcome to the new From Blank Pages blog. A casual setting to share my creative experiences and experiments.

The name, From Blank Pages, has everything to do with the journey of fresh starts, discovery, exploration, gathering inspiration, creativity, the process of trial and error, and collecting the best of what life presents.

Like a book full of blank pages, I am intrigued to watch with you how these pages unfold and what exactly they will reveal. But even more than that, I am thrilled to be the one to fill them.

So grab your favorite fruit (or other healthy-ish snack), a tall glass of water (or whatever you want to drink – I’m just trying to portray a refreshing feel), and sit back and relax. Mwah!

Popsicle Sticks

Want to add your project to the Gallery?! Use this form! Popsicle Sticks Purchase Popsicle Sticks HERE. Popsicle Sticks by Kimberly Arnett Watson, @kimmariewat Popsicle

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Designers Quilt Show

Welcome! Hi! I’m Diane Bohn, the designer of From Blank Pages patterns! I’m so excited to “meet” you today and to have you visit my

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Quilting Rewards

Did you hear about the ??? If not, read more about them HERE Do you already have an account? Not sure what to do next?

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Looking for some free patterns?! You can access all the free patterns when you join the From Blank Pages Creative Lounge, aka newsletter! Plus you’ll

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The FBP Difference

Why are From Blank Pages patterns different than other patterns, you ask??? Sure, a quilt pattern is in the end just another quilt pattern. I

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Pattern Tips: Star Gazing

I LOVE helping you be successful with my patterns! Here you’ll find tips that I have found useful when completing the Star Gazing pattern! Click

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Pattern Tips

Hi! Welcome to my new favorite section of my shop: Pattern Tips!! Here you’ll find a broad collection of tips and pattern helps to help

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