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We LOVE Mississippi!

This has been the craziest and busiest move ever… But I seriously love it here so much!! I was so afraid that since we were buying a home (which means we are really stuck here for a while) that everyone would love it except me, and I’d be stuck here in misery for YEARS! Nothing […]

We’re Moving to Mississippi

We are moving to Mississippi in 2 weeks. That’s 14 days. We’re excited and couldn’t be more grateful or more blessed than we have been. Everything is falling into place and turning out better than could have been expected. Though while the good is all around us, I’ve felt very disconnected from the whole event. […]

It’s a Heart Attack!!!

Have you ever heard of a Heart Attack?? Not the killer one, but the love one? It’s where you cut out a bunch of paper hearts (and write notes on them if you want) and tape them all over someone’s door or bedroom. It’s a fun way to share your love and “attack” them with […]

Oh, the possibilities of 2019!

I have so many things going on in my head and in my life right now. If I look at it all from an observer’s perspective it’s positively dizzying! But from the *eye of the storm* I see an unlimited number of amazing possibilities! Sure, there are bumps in the road and windy days. But […]

Tomte House and Friends

I’ve been working hard on my Tomte blocks. The first one I finished was my little house. I think this is my favorite block of the Tomte blocks! The funniest thing happened after I made it. I looked away for just a moment, and when I turned back, Tom the Turtle was moving in!! Later, […]

Sewing again… an iPad cover

I got an early Christmas present yesterday… a new iPad. I had previously (not) been using an old one that my husband got from a previous job over 5 years ago. Oh how quickly technology falls behind. It was slow and sluggish and was a drag to use, so I mostly didn’t. But in finding […]

Tomte SAL with Moss & Lotus

A new project is the perfect way to start out a new blog, right?! I’m so excited that Sue of Moss & Lotus is hosting her second year of the Tomte sew along. I remember watching everyone make the cutest gnomes last year, but wasn’t up for another commitment at the time. I don’t know […]


Welcome to the NEW From Blank Pages blog! I’m excited to start blogging again and starting fresh in a new place. Lots of goodies, old and new, coming soon! Grab your favorite fruit, a tall glass of water, and sit back and relax. I’ll be back in a flash… – Diane

Resize the Alphabet

Do you love using the My First Alphabet paper piecing pattern, but need a different size than what’s available? You’re in luck! Here are some paper piecing instructions to help you resize your pattern to just what you need! The following instructions work with any of my alphabet paper piecing patterns, and the concepts can […]

Rise Above Quilt Along!

  Come join me in the Rise Above Quilt Along! A laid back virtual quilting event with the purpose of making beautiful quilts (of any size) with friends new and old! You can find all the details below! Hosting my Celestial Star QAL in 2014 was so much fun, and I decided it’s about time […]