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8th Annual Birthday Celebration!

I love to celebrate birthdays!
and my birthday is NO exception!!

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating my birthday this year! It’s become my most favorite tradition to find ways to celebrate and give to you!

This year I asked what you wanted, and the overwhelming vote was a new free pattern. So that’s what I’m sharing with you! Plus so much more!

The celebration lasts for one whole week! Here’s what’s going on:

 : : FREE pattern*
 : : HUGE savings off your entire purchase*
 : : Awesome Fabric Giveaway
 : : The Home Lovin QAL starts!

  *limited time only!

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Free pattern and sales. The NEW Home Lovin pattern is FREE from Monday May 13th-Wednesday May 15th, and 50% from Thursday May 16th – Sunday May 19th.
When you add the NEW Home Lovin pattern to your cart you can save 50% OFF EVERYTHING else in your cart through Wednesday, and 35% OFF through Sunday!
Giveaway winner chosen Monday May 20th.

To enter: Print the first page of the NEW Home Lovin pattern and share a selfie with it on social media. Must tag me, @fromblankpages, and use #fbpHomeLovin so I can find your posts to count your entry. For Instagram you must have a public account. On Facebook follow and tag From Blank Pages and add tag #fbpHomeLovin – must share post publicly so I can find it and count your entry.
Other ways to enter: For every block you make during the week, share a picture (using the same methods as above, or share your photo in the From Blank Pages Community.

Home Lovin QAL is a laid back quilt along, sewing one or more blocks a week. Each month there will be a check-in to share your blocks, and a chance to win a monthly prize when you’ve made 4+ blocks that month. The QAL will last Through September (6 months) for those of us who want to make an entire Home Lovin quilt. Those who finish by the end of September will be entered to win a final giveaway prize, yet to be determined.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

One comment

  1. First Very sorry to hear about your mom. Condolences to you & your family. My mom passed last year, 2 hrs prior to my birthday. So I know how you feel. I still want to call her weekly. 😒Secondly, Happy Birthday! You are very kind and generous offering so much to celebrate but I’ll take it :)… Really- thanks. I look forward to next week. I hope you don’t have to fly from Miss to Utah very often in the next few months like I had to. My flights were Tampa to Philadelphia. Always renting a car, place to stay, etc. It was a very, very expensive trip each time. 6 weeks after my mom passed my father in law lost his fight with Parkinsons. “If it’s not one thing it’s the other” my dad always said. He left me 5 yr ago. I miss him more than mom
    Day by day is what you do, eventually you stop crying . I guess I’m still haven’t gotten over her. She left us in May 1978 on my anniversary weekend
    We went
    That weekend.but my nanna f]ound me and was talking away but I never learned to read lips in elementary school. Well nan’s spirit was trying to tell
    me things. But I can’t read lips. She wou]d ‘ome and go.. It’s as lager story than I thought. Maybe we can have a southern tansplant weekend quilty seminar. I’ll tell my story and we’ll all have fun quilting something something and everyone helps others. What is near you in Misss? I’ve always wanted to g there. I live in Dunedin,FL…closest to me is the Gulf of Mexico. For a small group this might work… Boy after rereading this note I went a little manic getting us together. Sorry about that. I will pray for your mother’s soul., I will pray for Him to shorten your grieving time -or at least make it bearable for you. so that you don’t feel guilty
    Having fun. On your birthday. I do hope we meet one day, you will see I am nice with good intentions. Still have a great birthday πŸŒΌπŸ–πŸˆπŸ”πŸ¦„

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